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5 Essential Real Estate SEO Tips and Strategies for 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small business or heading a renowned brand; you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure success. A good SEO campaign is especially crucial for real estate agents since competition is fierce, and you have no choice but to work with duplicate content.

Every realtor works with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of all the property listings within your locality. That means that you’re sharing and using the same details and images with dozens of other agents. This is where SEO comes into play. Instead of limiting yourself to the property listing pages, you can be creative and find ways to get potential homebuyers to notice you.

Here are 5 essential real estate SEO tips and strategies for 2021 that you should consider:

Take a Good Hard Look at Your Website

It’s a good idea to find out where you stand rank-wise. But whether your website has a good ranking or not, you should look at it with a critical eye and identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to on-page details like your headlines, meta descriptions, and alt tags.

Visual elements and your site speed are also crucial. Many speed issues plaguing websites are due to heavy photos that require proper optimization. While blurry photos might not cause your site to lag, they can cause viewers to leave. People looking for a new home want to see clear lines and vivid colors; anything less feels shabby and unprofessional. You should also make sure all the relevant information has been filled out. Always include a caption and a description. An alt-text and title won’t go amiss as well.

Develop the Ideal Keywords for Your Listing

You’re going to have a hard time ranking on individual property pages, so your approach should be on specific services.

The right keyword can mean the difference between ranking on the first page or being relegated to the second page. One best practice is to make a list of keywords that people are using and have pages for them. The Google Keyword Planner is a good tool for this. Local keyword phrases will also boost your ranking as 46% of Google searches are for local services or businesses. Instead of using “real estate” or “buy a house” as a key phrase, change it to “real estate California” or “buy a house Mountain View California.”

Keyword placement is also important. You should place your chosen keywords in these five areas – the URL, page title, image title, image alt tag, and on the page itself. The number of times the keyword should appear on the page will depend on the total number of words. Aim for a one percent keyword density in the body of your page or blog. Going beyond that ratio is considered keyword stuffing, which is a practice Google doesn’t condone.

Create Informative and Dynamic Content

Content is one way to drive prospective customers to your website. But to keep their attention, you need quality content. The value of the content you’re sharing is infinitely more important than the number of posts you make per week. So make sure that you develop posts that are informative, educational, and engaging. Try to provide followers and prospects with thought-provoking and relevant articles.

To do that, identify the keywords that people are searching for and determine the intent behind the search. Are they looking for tips or a realtor in their area? This will help you come up with ideas for your next post.

Make the Most of Video Marketing

Any real estate SEO expert will tell you that you can turn your website into a veritable goldmine with video marketing. People prefer to receive information through videos. They’re also more likely to retain the details of what they saw over what they’ve read. You should also consider adding a transcript to boost SEO potential. While people love watching videos, some don’t have the time to finish them. A transcript can help them skim over the key parts.

Work on Your Backlinks

Any SEO for real estate should include backlinks. You can boost your authority by using a good social media marketing campaign. You should also join local directories and publish all your contact details and that of your website. Make sure you claim your Google My Business page and check that it’s optimized. Lastly, if you’re connected to a more established firm, ask for a link that connects their site to yours.

Are you planning on using these 5 essential real estate SEO tips and strategies for 2021? Then you should also read this post about the benefits of SEO.

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