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Leverage Bing Ads for B2B Marketing

It’s not easy to find the right clients, especially when you don’t know where to look. Tulumi advertises where the people are. If your company is looking for business owners, we go straight to search engines.

However, we can’t just focus on Google alone. Bing, Google’s competitor, also has a lot to offer in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Leverage Bing Ads for B2B Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Here are some of the advantages you gain from using Bing for your ad campaign:


You’ll be saving a lot of money for your ad campaign. Bing Ads can run 70 percent cheaper than Google Adwords, depending on the cost per click.


Since most advertisers are on Google, your competition in Bing is low. If there’s little competition, you can easily advertise without being overshadowed by more prominent brands.


It is a given that Bing has a small share in the search engine market. But don’t think negatively about that. Even if they don’t dominate, your Bing ads will indeed penetrate to all of their users.

Get More Leads With Bing Advertising

Tulumi utilizes Bing Advertising because it has better features not found in Google Adwords.

Did you know that when you advertise on Bing, you also get to advertise on Yahoo and AOL? Bing has, in fact, reached 63 million searchers that are unreachable with Adwords.

At Tulumi, we can help you kickstart your Bing Advertising. We have a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the Bing platform.

We can help you:

  • Drive your sales and get more leads.
  • Find your target consumers that would like your products and services.
  • Provide you with an advertising plan that suits your budget.
  • Use the latest knowledge and trends in the industry today.
  • Put you at the top of the search engine results page at local rankings.

Microsoft Bing Ads: Your Best Alternative to Adwords

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. Every Windows device around the world initially has access to Bing. That’s why many advertisers want to use this opportunity to get more leads. Before Bing, Microsoft’s search engine was MSN. You’ve probably forgotten about that until now. Back in the day, Yahoo and Google were highly competitive.

To gain a competitive edge in the PPC advertising arena, Microsoft released adCenter. But due to acquisitions and mergers, they rebranded adCenter to Bing Ads. For several years, Bing Ads became a popular alternative to Adwords. Today, Microsoft now controls Bing, Yahoo, and AOL in terms of paid ads. With that vast reach, they rebranded Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising back in April 2019.

Bing Ads appear on Microsoft’s three search engines: Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. The existence of three search engines makes it possible for you to get leads from different demographics and sources. Basically, Microsoft Bing Ads work just like Adwords. But, Bing has some unique features like the following:

We Advertise On These Social Platforms

Benefits to Bing Advertising

Unique filter options (e.g., ads appear only on the 20-35 age group, etc.) and social extension

Older but high-income target audience, unlike Google’s

Higher conversion rates in ads because Bing users focus on shopping and financial services

Tulumi’s Bing Marketing Solutions To Grow Your Business

After rebranding to Microsoft Advertising, many advertisers became excited to see the platform’s unique features. Here are some features we provide that you’ll want to see in your ads:

Bing Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Call-to-action Extension

Unlike your typical ad, Microsoft Ads lets you include a CTA extension next to your ad. According to Microsoft, this button’s insertion increased conversion rates and click-through rates since it quickly targets consumers interested in the service.

Paid Ads Campaign | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Ad Customizers

Being unique and personal is ideal in advertising. Microsoft’s advertising platform enables you to customize your ad based on a particular demographic.

Linkedin Targeting | Tulumi Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Targeting

After Microsoft bought LinkedIn, advertisers saw the great potential of getting professional leads from the LinkedIn platform. Considering that people on LinkedIn are professionals, it opens many opportunities to advertise.

All Inclusive Strategy | Tulumi Digital Marketing

All Inclusive Strategy

At Tulumi, we are ready to help you reach new heights with Bing Marketing. We can set up parameters to access your target audience. More importantly, we can provide you with fast results. We are committed to your company’s marketing success.

How Tulumi Increases Your Sales Through Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing Ads may not be the leading paid media advertising technology, but it can be as effective — if not more. With Tulumi, advertising doesn’t always have to be too competitive. That’s why we dedicated years of learning Bing Advertising to bring highly converting leads but only paying a fraction of the typical cost.

Bing Ads - Analysis | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Easy Bing Marketing Dominance

The less competition, the more control you have. Bing Ads is not saturated by marketers competing for keywords due to Google owning a colossal slice of the market. By taking advantage of that, you can get similar results brought to you by Google without spending the same amount. Bing Ads is cheaper but just as effective and powerful

Consistent Training | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Consistent Training

Most Orlando paid media marketing agencies today completely ignore Bing Ads. Why? It requires training, and it’s not the leading PPC platform. We see Bing Ads as a vital tool that can cut through incredibly competitive keywords, and that’s why we invest time and money training our Bing Ads specialists to bring more impressive results than Google’s.

Bing Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Social Extension Advantage

Microsoft owns LinkedIn, and LinkedIn is friends with almost all the social networking sites today. This relationship opened doors to Bing Ads to have more exclusive features – one of them allows your ads to be visible on social. We are a full-service paid media company with Bing Ads experts who create highly converting ad materials.

Increase Domain Authority | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Bing Ads Proficiency

Google Ads may be our primary PPC marketing tool, and we have used it countless times. However, we have used Bing Ads the same number of times too. We practice AB testing. It means we use all platforms available to conduct where your ad materials work best. With years of experience in using the two paid media tools, we sometimes tell our clients, to opt for Bing Ads to save money and get the exact results.

Bing Ads - Online Training | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Simplified Bing Ads Client Communication

One of the most challenging things you will face when working with a Bing Ads Agency in Orlando is communication. There are so many technical things going on, such as analytics, scheduling, keyword bidding, volume, and a whole lot of jargon. At Tulumi, we have a dedicated project manager to give you all the requirements, updates, and results. Moreover, our project managers are highly experienced professionals that can send you digestible, easy-to-understand deliverables.

Bing Ads - Analysis | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Extensive Bing Advertising Research

Research is the heart of any successful marketing campaign. We put hours of research, client communication, and competitor analysis to create highly converting Bing Advertisements. Our goal is to understand your target persona to give them content they find as a solution. This will guarantee increase in CTR (Click-Through Rate) and sales. Our Bing Ads PPC marketing specialists develop ad materials that grab your audience’s attention, interest, and desires — leading to actions: sales.


Bing Ads That Get More Leads

We optimize your ad and track KPIs to meet your expectations. Partnering with a good Bing Advertising Company will surely bring ROI. We’re here to manage your ad spend to make sure all your campaigns are worth your investment. See our many success stories and how Bing Ads can pay off.

Paradiso Restaurant and Pizzeria | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements Facebook Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Marios Barber Hair Salon - Youtube Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Paid Media Marketing Done Right | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Our Bing Advertising Agency Is At Your Service

We are a next-gen Bing advertising agency that focuses on results. We use cutting edge software and tools that are designed for your success.

Let us kickstart your paid media marketing ads!

With Tulumi Digital Marketing helping you establish your first Bing Ads campaign, we will together take advantage of the smaller markets to generate numerous leads for your brand’s PPC ads campaign. Contact us today. 


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Although Google currently owns the majority search engine market share, you cannot underestimate the reach of Bing Ads. Since Bing is owned by Microsoft along with Yahoo and AOL, when you advertise on Bing, your ads appear on all three platforms. In fact, Bing Ads reach over 63 million searchers that Google Adwords can’t reach. 


The great thing about running campaigns on Bing is you won’t need the same budget you allocated for Google. Bing only spends 20%-35% of their Adwords equivalent. The average cost on Bing Ads is $7.99 compared to Google Adwords’ $20.08. The clicks are cheaper because there’s less competition for advertisers bidding.


Our PPC experts will collaborate with your team from the start to the end of your Bing Ads campaign. Here are the Bing Ads Services we offer to our clients:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ads Campaign Management
  • Ads Campaign Strategy
  • Ads Campaign Maintenance
  • Ad Text Creation and Submission

  • Ad Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Copywriting for New Campaigns
  • Bid and Budget Optimizations
  • Geo-targeting Strategy
  • Ad Optimizations, Monitoring, and A/B Testing



As marketers, we say that the best paid marketing strategy is to leverage both platforms if your budget allows for it. With Bing Ads complementing your Google Ads campaigns, you can expand your reach to higher-income audience demographics. 


Typically, we can provide you with quick feedback on keywords performance and lead volume. However, the benchmark results will start to be more visible within the first 30 days of the campaign. With our team making consistent improvements on the ads, you’ll see positive gains within three months. 


Yes! Our team of paid marketing experts have Bing Ads training and have all received Bing Ads certification. As Bing advertising experts, we know how to drive users to your website and help increase your search visibility with the right types of Bing Ads. 

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