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Elevating myGSPN’s Passion in Sports To Another Level

A Solid Content Marketing Strategy Involving Over Thousands of Blogs, Video Articles, and Images
My GSPN - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Our Client

myGSPN or my Go Sports Play Network is an all-in-one free sports network/website operating in Clermont, Florida. myGSPN’s content is purely about sports information featuring both high school and college sports through their articles and videos they publish.

The Goal

myGSPN’s goal is to become one of the top sources of free high school sports news aimed towards helping promote athletes, schools, and leagues get their inspiring sports stories online.
Beyond that, myGSPN also aims to become a credible and accessible database featuring a comprehensive list of profiles from athletes to teams and schools.

Project DateApril 2020

The Challenges

myGSPN’s goals are achievable, but several drawbacks keep holding them back towards attaining such goals.

During our in-depth assessment, we have identified the following challenges:

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There are more than 2,600 websites that are similar to myGSPN. Some of these websites have a huge following and are the top sources of the latest news in college and high school sports.

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myGSPN is only manned by a few but passionate sports-minded individuals. They are shorthanded in terms of producing their content.

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Their sports coverage is also limited, thus they publish less content weekly.

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myGSPN does not have an e-commerce site where they can sell sports photos.

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High school & college sports were stopped unprecedentedly in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, halting myGSPN’s operations as well.

MyGSPN Digital Marketing Solutions

myGSPN entrusted us with taking care of their underperforming website through our digital marketing solutions which focused on content marketing and eCommerce.

As experts in digital solutions, we formulated the two most suitable solutions for our client:

  • Producing quality content on the latest local sports and updates.

Our content team provided them with articles about local sports communities around Florida, where they operate. These articles feature different sports and athletes on the rise. We also provided updates on team rankings. Through these sports articles, we aimed to penetrate local communities and gave them a website capable of promoting their respective sports organizations.

  • Uploaded their photos to a photo-selling website. 

Without having to spend much on building an e-Commerce website, Tulumi sorted through over 5,000 sports images and uploaded them on a photo-selling website. These images are categorized into sports games, school levels, and men/women categories for easy identification. 

My GSPN - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing
My GSPN - Case Studies | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The Results

Since February, Tulumi has produced over 80 high-quality sports articles for myGSPN, generating more traffic to the site. Despite the nationwide lockdown implemented in March, we continued to do intense research to get more relevant sports stories.

Despite the pandemic, myGSPN was able to continue its mission to connect everyone through sports.

Instead of the usual sports articles that focus on game results, we published the following:

  • Relevant news about the current situation in Florida’s high school sports which were badly affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • During the off-season, we published fresh news in the college recruiting scene featuring Florida’s top recruits signing in different colleges for basketball, football, and baseball.
  • De-commitments, re-commitments, prospect updates, team rankings, player rankings, and crystal ball predictions that only feature Florida’s youth and talents in various sports.
  • High-quality sports photos which became a main source of revenue as more people - coaches, parents, and sports enthusiasts, had extra time to browse through these images and look back on the memories of the past seasons’ performance.
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