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Brand Development
How Can A Digital Marketer Help You | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Marketing is very important in any kind of business. Some owners can manage to do all the tasks of running a business. They handle everything from operations and finance. They also do all the marketing of their products or services as well. But when a business starts to grow, all these tasks may no longer...
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Top 5 Qualities of a First-Class Digital Marketing Agency | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Every seasoned entrepreneur knows how valuable digital marketing is for growth and success. That is why giant companies coming from different industries spend so much on it. Netflix spent almost 2 billion dollars on advertising in 2018. Meanwhile, Samsung spent more than twice that amount in 2017. Their expenditure proves how imperative marketing is to...
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Best Construction Marketing Ideas to Drive Revenue | Tulumi Digital Marketing
The design and construction industry is a challenging niche to market. Choosing the best platform and marketing method can still be hard. This is despite the many channels available these days. Marketing is an essential part of any business. Your construction company won’t be able to maximize its potential without it. Because no matter how...
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What is Personal Branding | Tulumi Digital Marketing
The word “brand” evokes images of popular products like Nike or Coke. But it’s not unusual now for ordinary people to create their own brand. This is personal branding. A lot of people don’t consider it important, but it is crucial to success. It can help you land that job or catch a prospect’s attention....
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Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Being a real estate agent is a great career choice. You set your own hours, have direct control of your income, meet new people, and see fantastic homes. You don’t even have to be a college graduate to be an effective realtor. With all the changes happening in the industry, an effective digital marketer helps....
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Digital Marketing Strategies for HVAC | Tulumi Digital Marketing
The Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) industry has also embraced innovation. So, it’s not surprising that your local HVAC businesses has a website that you can check out when your AC is broken. As we all know, the HVAC industry in the United States is relatively large and also an essential service. Currently, there are...
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Online Marketing for Restaurants | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Every restaurateur wants to make a mark in the food industry. But having a restaurant that has a great location and delicious food isn’t enough anymore. Your restaurant might have a mouthwatering chicken carbonara. Your herb-crusted Filet Mignon might be a feast for the eyes. But these won’t get people rushing in to taste it....
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It is certainly clear that COVID-19 created a serious health crisis around the world. Apart from that, it ruined the world’s economy. Businesses of all sizes have closed temporarily while others permanently shut down due to losses and the risk of infection. Business leaders are facing a greater challenge as the United States starts to...
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Father’s Day Promo Ideas | Tulumi Digital Marketing
A few more weeks to go and we’ll all be celebrating Father’s Day. The month of June doesn’t just signal that we’re already halfway in this year; it also signals that we’ll be celebrating a day where we give thanks to fathers all around the world. Like other annual holidays, Father’s Day presents a perfect...
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Real Estate Digital Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
best way to funnel leads to your website. The right The real estate industry is in a crisis as the pandemic wreaks havoc on everyone and the economy. Other issues are affecting the industry, but Covid has made them worse. Despite that, being a realtor remains one of the most rewarding occupations. But if you...
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