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Brand Development
Real Estate Digital Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
best way to funnel leads to your website. The right The real estate industry is in a crisis as the pandemic wreaks havoc on everyone and the economy. Other issues are affecting the industry, but Covid has made them worse. Despite that, being a realtor remains one of the most rewarding occupations. But if you...
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Effective Advertising Strategies for Funeral Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Death is a part of life, and a funeral service is essential to give people a respectful way to say goodbye to their loved ones. Grief counselors even say that a funeral done right is crucial to the healing process.  It’s why marketing for this industry is challenging.  Funeral services companies have a difficult time...
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Spring Marketing Promotion Ideas to Try | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Spring is finally here, and with it, a bevy of opportunities to promote your brand and encourage buyers to flock to your business. After all, people are coming out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine, green grass, and flowers. Why not coax them to do some shopping in your store while they’re out and...
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Why Senior Living Still Struggles With Digital Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Marketing in the senior living industry was already challenging before COVID-19, but the pandemic made things worse. Sales virtually dried up as many silver communities were forced to close their doors. Generating leads came to a standstill as those looking for a solution to their senior living problem had to pause and wait for the...
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8 Profit-Making Business Ideas During Covid-19 Lockdown | Tulumi Digital Marketing
The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has had countless businesses scrambling for new ways on how to continue operations and make a profit without harming their staff and the people around them.  In a world being bombarded by chaos, digital technology came out as a savior for many companies and individuals after massive lockdown and...
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Top Senior Living Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Now that Boomers and Gen Xers are preparing for their golden years, assisted living and senior care facilities find themselves on a cusp. Many Boomers are now in their 70s and looking for facilities to live out their remaining years. Meanwhile, the interest coming from Gen Xers is due to their older parents, but some...
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Generate More Leads for Your Chiropractic Practice | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Encouraging people to undergo chiropractic adjustments is not always an easy feat. Even more so now that social distancing remains the watchword for the year. Unfortunately, most people only take action to see a chiropractor when they feel pain or discomfort.  That’s why generating quality leads is paramount for any chiropractic practice that is serious...
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5 Ways To Help You Stand Out Against Your Competitors | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Competition is one of those words you don’t want to hear about as a business owner. And yet, it is an essential element of any thriving business sector. Without it, the market becomes stagnant and unresponsive. Competitors keep us on our toes, pushing us to innovate even further and look for more efficient ways to...
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Marketing Promo Ideas for Valentine’s Day | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Holidays are one of the best times to switch up your marketing tactics and take advantage of the season to attract new customers. Valentine’s is another time in the year where consumers feel more inclined to shop and spend. After all, it’s the day we all get to show everyone dear to us how much...
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6 Handy Tips for Increasing Audience Engagement | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Renowned marketing expert, Mari Smith once said “Content is king, but engagement is queen and she rules the house.” Put simply, the content will always be important to any marketing strategy, but without audience engagement, all that effort is for naught.  After all, what good is the best piece of content if people read it...
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