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Brand Development
How to Increase Your Site Visits Without Paying for Traffic | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Setting up a website and creating social media accounts for your business is easy. The hard part is getting people to actually visit those online pages and engage with your content. Unless you’re a seasoned digital marketing expert, you’ve likely struggled with increasing your site visits without having to pay for them.  So how do...
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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2021| Tulumi Digital Marketing
2020 came and went. No matter what sentiments we have about the past year, there’s no denying that it impacted every aspect of marketing as we know it. Businesses switched their models to cater to stay-at-home customers, marketing messages were tweaked in light of the pandemic, and other necessary changes were effected.  Now that we’re...
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Plumbing Digital Marketing Strategies | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Running a plumbing business has its unique challenges. While other industries and markets can easily identify their specific audience, you, on the other hand, have a unique market.  Usually, your audience seeks emergency repair for broken pipes or needs regular maintenance.  To cater to your audience efficiently, you must create a set of digital marketing...
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Effective HVAC Advertising for 2021 | Tulumi Digital Marketing
2020 is almost over and now’s the time to start thinking about ways to grow your HVAC business in 2021. The marketing landscape for local businesses is getting more complex with each passing year. Marketing techniques are evolving and your HVAC business depends on how well you can adapt to these changes.  In HVAC advertising,...
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Thanksgiving Promo Ideas For Small Businesses | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Thanksgiving is almost upon us and with it, the frantic rush for Black Friday deals just the day after. There’s no shortage of fun things that small businesses can do to tap into the sentimentality surrounding the season and boost their revenues.  Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing around...
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Internet Marketing Strategies for HVAC Contractors | Tulumi Digital Marketing
With the HVAC services industry predicted to grow to a worth of over $14.7 billion in the next five years, It has become even more essential to map out an effective marketing strategy that sets your HVAC company apart.  If you’re like many HVAC contractors, your marketing strategy has mostly revolved around word-of-mouth referrals, bulk...
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Why Companies Shouldn’t Ignore Digital Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
With the advent of technology, people’s lives become easier. One of the recent breakthroughs in the field of technology is the internet. People can do almost everything with the help of a fast and reliable internet: from doing emails, meetings, to online purchasing. Yes, the way people shop and buy really has changed along with...
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Grow your Brand Through Digital Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Jump into action with new strategies to help your brand get more attention and come back to a healthy market. Business owners can now lessen travels and are staying close to home. At a time when we’re all looking for more convenience, this gives your business a chance to explore digital marketing and what it...
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Importance of Having a Strong Brand | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Have you ever wondered why Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola spend around $4 billion on marketing each year?  Think about it. These two giants are famous everywhere; people around the globe from all walks of life drink their products.  However, they still spend billions every year to get their name out there.  Why? Because they know...
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What Is a Marketing Funnel | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Starting a new business can make you watch grass grow — it’s that exciting!  The entire process is motivating, rewarding, and truly makes you feel like a boss. However, that’s only the case when you exclude the technical stuff involved.  One that puts thousands of new entrepreneurs puzzled is a marketing funnel or sales process....
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