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Support Black-Owned Businesses | Tulumi Digital Marketing
The pandemic has brought about an economic shutdown, which was already difficult enough for small businesses. Just when these businesses start to regain their standing, black-owned small businesses are now dealing with damage and destruction from looting by some who are in protest of the police killing, following George Floyd’s death. Even in normal days,...
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Digital Marketing During Covid-19 A Helpful Guide | Tulumi Digital MarketingA Helpful Guide | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Corona Virus is changing our lives in ways we’ve never seen. Events and social gatherings of all types are being canceled. Bars, restaurants, and other types of businesses are closing.  Healthcare workers and medical professionals are not allowed to go home and see their loved ones. Employees are being laid off from work.  These are...
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5 Critical Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid | Tulumi Digital Marketing
We all make mistakes, and it’s not that bad. They’re valuable experiences that help us grow and progress. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you should embrace them all the time. In the world of digital marketing and advertising, certain mistakes can cost you your entire business. Indeed, some are inevitable – there’s no way to get...
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5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing for 2020 | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Back in the day, you would reach your targets through billboards, TV commercials, leaflets, brochures… and the list goes on.  Digital marketing changed everything. In an age dominated by tablets, laptops, and smartphones, people no longer pay attention to business banners and flyers. They are focused on a gadget or device every 10 minutes, busy...
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Must-Have Qualities of Digital Leaders | Tulumi Digital Marketing
What does it take to be a leader in a fast-paced digital landscape? These ever-changing times call for strong digital marketing leadership skills. It is a must for leaders in this age to be equipped with a solid set of technology awareness that helps them understand, interact, and adapt to the rapid growth of organizations....
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Choose a Restaurant Marketing Agency | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Hiring a restaurant digital marketing agency might be the last thing on your mind. It’s especially true if you have a limited budget for marketing. Many small restaurant owners do their own marketing. They will take on both traditional and digital marketing. Technology is always changing, and it influences the way we do business. It...
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10 Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Try in 2020 | Tulumi Digital Marketing
In this internet age where business competition is fierce, creating a surefire marketing strategy for your restaurant can be tough and tricky. You need to constantly bring in new ideas to draw customers in and keep them coming back for more. However, it can be exhausting and challenging as you try to come up with...
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