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Construction Digital Marketing: Find Your Target Audience with Tulumi

The construction industry is a dynamic, rich, and challenging niche. Projects vary in scale, and each one comes with distinct demands and concerns. Contractors must ensure their clients get what they want while adhering to countless building codes and regulations. Industry trends also change quickly, so keeping up with them can be taxing.

The sheer magnitude of the job often causes construction companies to set the marketing aspect of the business to the side. 

Fortunately, the advent of digital marketing has made it easier for construction companies to market their services, generate leads, and secure new clients. But to truly succeed in digital construction marketing, you must find your target audience with Tulumi.

What Is the Construction Target Audience?

Target audience refers to the group of consumers that a company will focus on marketing their products and services. In other words, your audience is your prospective clients.

Your target audience often have similar attributes, like age, gender, interests, income, goals, level of education, etc. But one key distinction they’ll share is the need for what you’re offering. For instance, if you specialize in small, modular homes, your demographic might be single millennials who are relatively new to the workforce.

Why Is Finding Your Audience Important?

In digital construction marketing, finding your target audience with Tulumi is vital for the success of your businesses. Determining the right market means you can design your message to appeal to a specific demographic and boost your chances of capturing their attention. It will also save your company time and money.

When you know your audience, you can choose what content to make and the channels to share it. You’ll know that those amazing photos of your latest room renovation are better posted on Instagram instead of only staying on WordPress.

Getting your message to your ideal target audience is so critical that many small companies allot a large portion of their marketing budget to researching the type of consumers you should target. Forbes Insights claimed that 43% of businesses even spend a significant part of their budget trying to attract their target market.

Best Ways to Find Your Target Audience

Take a Good Look at Your Clients: You can immediately get an idea of your audience by studying your current clients. Take note of their age, location, interest, and needs. Are they empty-nesters downgrading or entrepreneurs who want unique office spaces?

Keep Up with Industry Trends and Market Research: Being aware of current and upcoming trends is useful in digital marketing for construction. It helps you determine which areas you can target and what services you can add or highlight.  

Check Out the Competition: You’ll learn a lot by observing your rival. Look at the marketing channels they use and the content they publish. Consider who they’re targeting – new homeowners, front liners, retirees, etc. Use their success as inspiration and their failures as warnings.

Build Personas: This is helpful in construction since projects are varied, and so are the people behind them. These personas will embody the basic demographics, personalities, and requirements of the target audience. You should come up with at least five personas.

Take Advantage of Google Analytics: This tool can provide you with extensive information about the people reading your blog, visiting your site, or responding to your posts. You can then use the data to see what engages them the most and what platforms they’re active in. Using this tool consistently will help you make sound decisions in your marketing plan.

How to Get Your Audience’s Attention

Make Sure You’re Accessible

Being able to answer calls or return messages immediately is vital to your company’s success. People in the construction industry are often bombarded with calls from clients, suppliers, delivery people, and workers.

It’s why your phone number and any contact details are always front and center. It should be the second information you give (the first being your address). Put it above the fold on your website and again at the bottom of the page. It should also appear on all your social media accounts and listings.

Be an Industry Guru

People are always looking for information. They want to know the latest design trends or the newest technology to keep buildings safe. Consumers spend hours researching a product or company, and you should be the one to educate them. Use your blog to discuss the industry and videos to showcase new products.

Did this article help you come up with new ideas? Then you’ll find our post on the importance of marketing analytics equally enlightening.

Build for Better Days

Build a better foundation for your construction business with Tulumi Digital Marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering personalized solutions. Whether it’s through a new website or social media, our experts can help attract leads and open new markets for your business. Take that first step to success by calling us at (800) 481-1720. You can also email us at

Deb Wallace | CEO | Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb Wallace


Deb Wallace brings a dynamic career in mobile and internet marketing. She remains on the industry’s cutting edge for technology and innovation driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and relationships. She carries with her a vast knowledge in the e-commerce marketplace as well as extensive experience in the online payment processing industry.

Deb is exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity, tenacity, and initiative in achieving both personal and business goals. She is currently focused on providing multiple locations for the company.


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