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DuckDuckGo Ads

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What Are DuckDuckGo Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

What Are DuckDuckGo Ads?

Google holds the majority of the search engine space. They may have held the reins for many years, but it would seem they’ve finally met a worthy opponent in DuckDuckGo.

Like Google, DuckDuckGo is also a search engine. But it’s not just your typical search engine. What makes it different is its treatment of user information. Unlike Google, they capitalize on privacy. Have you observed that similar advertisements appear on most websites you visit, especially on social media? In fact, that’s one of the reasons Facebook advertising is also booming. So why is that?

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When you search for something on Google, the search engine keeps that query forever. Aside from that, Google trackers are everywhere. They track your cyber footsteps and collect information about your internet activity. That’s why when you search about a particular topic, advertisements coming from that niche will start appearing.

With DuckDuckGo, however, your privacy is paramount. They believe that search results should not be manipulated. And more importantly, they put forward that advertisements should be based on what you’re looking for and not based on your profile and internet activity.

Yes, the company is relatively smaller than Google, but with privacy issues reigning today’s hot topics, many internet users are moving to the DuckDuckGo search engine. Expect DuckDuckGo advertising to be a key strategy in your digital marketing tactics.

What Are DuckDuckGo Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

How About We Check Some Statistics?

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Google’s Competitor

DuckDuckGo is one of Google’s leading competitors (The New York Times).

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Data Tracking Removed

DuckDuckGo commits to omit data tracking on their search engine to make advertisements consistent with the search query (The Verge).

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40 Million Searches

The search engine’s share tripled in the past two years with over 40 million search queries per day (The New York Times).

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Internet Privacy

61% of American internet users are concerned about their internet privacy (Privacy Monitor).

DuckDuckGo Ads That Convert!

Since most of the market belongs to Google, this situation gives DuckDuckGo certain advantages and disadvantages. First, people who use this search engine are particular about the ads they see and don’t like seeing ads that aren’t relevant to their search query.

DuckDuckGo ads run through Yahoo and Bing search networks which means there is less competition and a high penetration rate to your target customers.

There are many technicalities involved in setting up your DuckDuckGo Ads. You need people who are well-versed in the nooks and crannies of this search engine. For maximized reach and profitability our team of PPC advertisers and SEO experts have the knowledge and experience in implementing your DuckDuckGo advertising.

Here’s what we can do for you:

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Set up UTM parameters so that it’ll be easier to track the ad campaign.

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Create the campaign by setting the time zone, campaign budget, language, location, destination URL, and target consumers.

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Set up the ad distribution system by choosing a search network.

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Put up the pricing models for ad charges, schedules, and ad rotations

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Manage your ad campaign by tracking down websites and excluding websites that don’t belong to DuckDuckGo.

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Maintain the ad campaign and make necessary changes to keep it functioning.

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Pay-Per-Click Services To Generate Return On Investment

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Keyword Research & Analysis

Tulumi uses various tools for identifying target keywords. These target keywords are the ones your customers usually search for on search engines like Google or Yahoo. We study the search volume and make sure these keyword lists are monitored regularly to ensure we capture real-time search queries and attract your target audience when running PPC ads.

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Pay Per Click Management

We create the campaign by creating landing pages, banners, setting the time zone, campaign budget, language, location, destination URL, and target consumers. We track your ads performance and make any modifications as needed. We set up UTM parameters so that it’ll be easier to track the ad campaign. We also manage your ad campaign by tracking down websites and excluding websites that don’t belong to DuckDuckGo.

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A/B Split Testing Ads

You are in full control of your ad budget, and we make sure every penny is accounted for. We put up the pricing models for ad charges, schedules, and ad rotations. We learn your market and your target audience, and we monitor which ads are more engaging. We monitor and maintain the ad campaign and make necessary changes to keep it functioning. The Split-test results will help us improve your PPC performance.

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Landing Page Optimization

We customize every landing page for attraction and conversion. From our keyword research and analysis, we are able to create compelling content and calls-to-action that are presented to customers who are more likely interested in your brand.

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Regular Analysis and Reports

We provide performance reports and expert recommendations regularly. We keep you updated with the current running ads, previous ads, and the ads to be published moving forward. This will help you see the overall performance of our advertising campaigns, and see month-on-month progress.

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Reliable Customer Support

Our specialized customer support is always available for questions, clarifications, and technical issues. We make sure to respond in a timely manner to resolve issues as soon as possible.


A DuckDuckGo Advertising Agency That Helps Businesses Get Quality Leads

We’ve done DuckDuckGo ads for companies from various industries. We’re able to help put your brand in front of potential customers and make sure you get the return you are looking for.

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DuckDuckGo is a very straightforward search engine who values privacy. It does not collect data from its users making everyone using its search engine completely anonymous. It is also very flexible as it can be used as an integrated extension to Google Chrome.

Many digital marketers and business experts want to take advantage of its advertising platform integrated by Microsoft Ads, which can personalize the users’ ads on its SERP. Thus, DuckDuckGo is now considered a wonderful alternative for running a PPC ads campaign through Microsoft.


Since Google owns the majority of the search engine market, it’s a highly competitive market for advertisers. This is why underdog engines like DuckDuckGo are a good alternative. With Duck Duck Go, you’ll get lower competition, cheaper prices, and the same ROI or sometimes, even higher. Duck Duck Go’s model platform makes it appealing to users who are concerned about their personal privacy. 


DuckDuckGo has a very secure nature so it’s more appealing to businesses dealing with sensitive matters like law firms, health care services, senior care facilities, financial services, and government offices. 


DuckDuckGo is a Microsoft affiliate so advertising is distributed throughout the Bing Ads network. This also means that you can set up Bing Ads to appear on DuckDuckGo searches.


As for all our paid media campaigns, we provide monthly reports with your campaign metrics. Our reports also contain actionable insights so we can improve your campaign performance.