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Create Connections With Tulumi's Email Marketing Services

At Tulumi, we want our email marketing services to be well-rounded. We don’t just send and write emails for you. Instead, we find ways to make every email count. We do that by creating a sales funnel to connect with your customers in every step of the buying process.

Using rich behavioral data and market insights, we can easily segment your audience and target them with personalized messages. We deliver conversational conversation to every customer, hitting them right at the spot. With Tulumi’s email marketing services, you meet your customers where they are and begin great connections.

Why Are Email Campaign Services Important?

In this industry, leads are everything. When you have more leads, you get more chances at getting more loyal customers. Just like seeds, leads also need to be cultivated and nurtured through a series of email campaign techniques.

Your business will have a higher lead conversion rate if you work with Tulumi’s email campaign services since our online content writing will be targeted based on your leads’ characteristics and demographics.

Why Do You Need Email Newsletter Services?

Our email newsletter services help your customers get updates about your business and products. It is also an excellent way to reconnect with old customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while. Sending email newsletters is a perfect way to enhance brand awareness in the customers’ minds.

With Tulumi’s email newsletter services, we do more than just that! We create various sales funnels and conduct A/B testing to make sure you reach the audience you want to target and retarget.

Below are the benefits of sending newsletters:

about Us | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Builds Brand Awareness

About Us Icon 2 | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Drives Traffic To Your Website

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Increases Returning Site Visitors

State Of The Art Website Security | Tulumi Digital Marketing

It Brings In Loyal Followers

Website Backups | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Increases Revenue

Regular Web Check-ups | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Nurtures Customer Relationships

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Our Email Marketing Services Build Customer Loyalty

Email marketing has been quite the game-changer for many companies, helping to establish lasting relationships with prospects and cranking out repeat customers in droves. That’s what our email marketing services can do for your brand.

In addition to our business plan writer services, we also work hard to deliver beneficial, convenient email features to help ensure that your emails don’t just end up in the recipient’s spam folder, or worse, remain unopened for all time.

These features include but are not limited to the following:

Graphics And Videos | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We optimized videos and graphics when embedding them so they don’t affect the quality of your email, instead, they improve their effectiveness.

Automated Email Response | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Automate responses help businesses fulfill their customer’s expectation by keeping them informed as to how queries are managed. We can also send automated emails when your audience is most ready to engage.

Professional Guest Blog Writers | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our team of professional copywriters and designers join together to craft an email layout that keeps your readers engaged and interested.

Clear Calls To Action | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our emails are conversion-driven. Aside from compelling content, we strategically place clear calls to action within the email, without making it too pushy.

Speedy Turnarounds | Tulumi Digital Marketing


The goal of every email sent is for the receiver to feel special and recognized. We do this by personalizing the subject line and first email lines. Retargeting emails are further customized into the products they are interested in or what’s on their cart.

Website Speed Optimization | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Tulumi offers multiple email marketing plans that suit your needs. Unlike doing your own email campaign, you’ll have to commit to long-term subscription on email platforms.

Tulumi is One of Florida’s Top Email Marketing Agencies

Should hiring email marketing firms be part of your overall marketing strategy? If you’ve pondered this decision before, you’re not alone. However, here’s a counter-question to help you decide. First, can you perform email marketing on your own? If yes, can you do it excellently and drive tangible results with every campaign?

If you answered “No,” you can use all the professional help you can get. While it’s relatively easy to send emails, email marketing agencies do more than just creating and sending emails. There’s a strategy to this.

As such, it’s better to hire an expert email marketing agency like Tulumi if you want to have good results on your email campaign.

Build Better Conversations With Targeted And Personalized Emails

Create a direct line to your customers.

Why Choose Tulumi

Efficient Email Marketing Management

Besides email newsletter services, we can also handle your email marketing campaign. We know that managing email campaigns is added work. That’s why our email marketing management service is ready to ease your workload. Our service is quick, proficient, and timely. We’ll send regular reports to you without delay.

Emailing List Service

Who are you going to email if you don’t build connections? That’s why our emailing list service is here. Through lead magnets, we can get as many email addresses from your potential leads. Then, we’ll court them through compelling and convincing content in our email list services. Lead magnets are our primary ways to access potential leads. However, we only obtain leads bound by ethics and industry best practices.

Affordable Email Marketing Pricing

Here at Tulumi, our email marketing pricing is affordable. We priced our email marketing services moderately so that small to medium enterprises can access digital marketing solutions for their business and remain ever-competitive without breaking the bank.



Twitter Ads - Funding Platform | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Tulumi Digital Solutions changed our website’s traffic significantly. They tripped our traffic after we partnered with them to help our printing company reach more people in our area. They helped us reach a record high in terms of website traffic. They are surely one of the best components in our online marketing promotions.

Louis Andrews
Print Solutions Company


Website development and applied UX best practices


Keyword Research, Content Creation

Case Studies

Our email specialists use cutting-edge software to effectively manage email campaigns. Over the years, we have driven traffic and sales for businesses that utilize our email management service. Check out some of our work:

Bembom Food | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Cafe Gianni | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Paradiso Restaurant and Pizzeria | Tulumi Digital Marketing

35% of marketers send 3-5 emails to customers weekly

78% of marketers observed an increase in email engagement

80% of business executives believe that email marketing enhances customer retention

A Well-Rounded Email Marketing Consulting

Overall, we’re more than the traditional email marketing service. Results are what matters to you, so delivering those results is our primary focus. Call us today for a quick email marketing consultation.

Tulumi can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!


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Definitely no! On the contrary, email marketing remains to be the most successful way to acquire new customers and stay connected with them in a more personal way. According to studies, email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. 


Email marketing is a cost-effective and highly beneficial digital marketing practice that many businesses still utilize even today. It enables your business to connect with your customers and a specific audience about what you offer. 

To make it simple, here are the seven reasons why your business needs an email marketing campaign:

  • Consumers check their email frequently
  • Encourages subscribers to visit your store
  • Encourages subscribers to visit your website
  • Email marketing drives conversions
  • Personalized emails for your subscribers
  • High ROI compared to other digital marketing strategies
  • Increased click-through rate with emails


Tulumi Digital Marketing uses a wide variety of strategies to improve your email open rates. We make sure your email stands out by using personalized subject lines, sending emails at the right time, segmenting your list, and not spamming. Depending on your goals, we can create a custom email strategy for you. Contact us for a FREE consultation.


This depends on your goals. The important thing is to get your customers hooked in less than a second. So it’s great to have a personalized first line on the email. Short emails convert better because they have higher open rate and response rate. . However, if your goal requires giving more information and detail, then a long email can help you convert. 


Absolutely! We can help you build your email list from scratch through a combination of strategies. This includes adding a CTA for sign up on your website, creating a landing page for a lead magnet, pitching an email newsletter to your social followers, and many more. Let’s talk about how we can grow your email list. 


When you don’t have an in-house marketing team that knows about email marketing campaigns, you should consider hiring an expert in this field. Our email marketing team can help you manage your email campaigns — from its automation, content production, personalization, and other important processes, we got you covered. 

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