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Essential Tips to Remember in Promoting Your Twitter Content

For many businesses, a Twitter account is a must-have in their digital marketing strategy for many reasons. One of which is the fact that it has over 150 million active users. Moreover, it is an incredibly active platform with more than 500 million tweets posted per day. 

Twitter is ranked No. 5 as the most popular social media platform. For businesses, this is virtually a gold mine in terms of opportunities for strengthening their brand, increasing sales, and reaching more audiences.

Because of the magnitude and volume of tweets produced each day, you have to come up with a surefire marketing strategy to maximize Twitter’s potential and win more audience.

So what makes Twitter unique from other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram? 

The majority of other social media platforms have their own focused content and features than Twitter. For example, Instagram is all about pictures or images while Facebook is focused on friends and groups, and LinkedIn is all about the profession, Twitter, meanwhile has a lot to offer. 

Due to massive updates and upgrades in its system, Twitter is now more flexible and more cohesive. It is best known for its short but packed messages, but Twitter has evolved to a social media platform that can embed videos, add pictures, GIFs, and create polls and surveys that are more engaging. 

On top of that, Twitter can easily adapt to different experiences in a way that does not make the user feel dissatisfied or fragmented. Because of this, Twitter is a great tool to promote your content

However, posting your content is not enough; you have to earn likes, retweets, and engagements. To help you out, here are some pro tips to promote your content effectively on Twitter.

Don’t Forget to Engage With Your Followers

Regardless of how amazing your content is, if you don’t know how to engage with your Twitter followers, then they will surely lose interest in your content. Always remember that your followers are valuable. They are the ones that make a certain topic ‘trending.’ To get more content likes and retweets, you have to proactively reply to their comments just by typing the ‘@’ sign that will automatically provide you their username. You can answer their queries regarding your tweet (content) or you can slide them some DMs (direct messages) to thank them for patronizing your brand. 

You will notice that your followers will likely retweet your posts voluntarily because they feel they are valued because of your constant engagement with them.

Always Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are very popular on social media, particularly on Twitter. If you’re not entirely familiar with hashtags, here’s a brief explanation of their use: 

A hashtag is a searchable term that is made by applying the pound sign or number sign (#) as some sort of prefix for the word or phrase that is used. A good example of a hashtag is #HappyHolidays #SpreadAwareness #WorldPeace, etc. These hashtags resemble a message or an awareness to promote something.

Hashtags increase your social media engagements, which makes them important in promoting your content. Hashtags accurately categorize the labels and phrases that are relevant to your content and brand, making your content easily searchable.

Establish Your Brand in Your Account

Even though Twitter only offers you a limited number of characters for each of your posts, there are a lot of ways for you to establish your brand there. Establishing your brand using Twitter will give you the identity and the voice that your followers will easily recognize.

You have to upload a photo of your brand’s official logo and make it your Twitter account’s profile picture and add another picture as your cover photo. Don’t forget to add your brand’s slogan to let people know who you are, what your brand is about, and what you’re offering to them.

Partner With Influencers

Collaborating with an influencer is an instant way to gain an online presence. Even large corporations and popular brands partner with influencers to reach more people to promote their products or services. It’s also a good way for people to confirm how ‘legit’ your brand is,  especially if you’re just starting. 

Influencers are also content creators and their content has a huge following. They can either be celebrities, athletes, journalists, photographers, award-winning personalities, bloggers, and vloggers. When collaborating with one, it’s best to reach out to someone within your niche. If you’re selling an eco soap bar, you can tap eco-conscious, vegan, or zero-waste influencers. They are more likely to partner with you. They can also promote your brand, product, or service on their Twitter channel and other social media platforms more effectively.

Focus on Analytics

You cannot just post your content randomly on your Twitter account without any knowledge of how it affects your overall content promotion and how it is accepted by your followers. You have to come up with a concrete plan to improve your content posting. 

You need Twitter analytics. Twitter analytics will provide you with all data and information that will measure your content’s overall success based on your most popular and least popular tweets, engagement rate, and information about your audience’s specific interests.

All of this data and information can be merged and can be used to improve your content promotion effectively.


The strategies we’ve detailed above do not entirely need a lot of resources. All it takes is just your passion and your dedication to promoting your content to another level. With these strategies, you will surely put your Twitter content to another level.

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Deb Wallace | CEO | Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb Wallace


Deb Wallace brings a dynamic career in mobile and internet marketing. She remains on the industry’s cutting edge for technology and innovation driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and relationships. She carries with her a vast knowledge in the e-commerce marketplace as well as extensive experience in the online payment processing industry.

Deb is exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity, tenacity, and initiative in achieving both personal and business goals. She is currently focused on providing multiple locations for the company.


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