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Every Restaurateur Needs Paid Social Media Ads – Here’s Why

In this time and age, social media is the church that everyone attends on Sundays. People gather to boast about their new stuff and low-key flex their achievements in life.

The only difference is that social media doesn’t happen only on Sundays; it’s an everyday thing. So it’s the perfect venue for you to market whatever you want using paid social media ads. For restaurant owners like you, that means showing off photographs of mouthwatering dishes in your restaurant.

But here’s the problem:

You’re not the only restaurant owner trying his best to attract as many diners as possible. In fact, almost every restaurant today, no matter how big or small, is making its way to growing their audience on social media networks.

You’ll face pioneer restaurant pages with massive followers, and you’ll need to compete against sub-niches as well. To venture into this competitive arena, getting attention from the right people is a lot harder than you think. 

Fortunately, all social media channels have compelling types of paid social media ads available for restaurants. Not only will it allow you to bypass the competition, but it also gives you total control.

Four Reasons Why You Should Be Running Paid Social Media Ads for Your Restaurant

Marketing expert on paid social media ads

You can only do so much with organic marketing due to the extreme competition in social media. It may cost an extra to run a few ads, but its benefits are definitely worth the expenditure. Here are four solid reasons why:

Exploit Behavioral Marketing Availability

Having a target audience is the key to getting the results you want. If you have a vegan restaurant, you’re likely to have more success exposing your menu to vegans rather than people who love medium-rare steaks and paid ads allow you to do that without too much fuss.

Facebook, for example, gives you a tailored experience. You can target people not just on their demographics but also on their behavior. It means that you can select people who’ve already shown interest in food. You can even be more specific by adding other interests related to your restaurant’s theme.

Easily Make Noise in Your Neighborhood

Aside from being able to target food enthusiasts, you can be more general by targeting everyone near your restaurant. Most, if not all, social media platforms provide you with the option to advertise anywhere you want.

Tweeting photos of your tasty rice bowls to office workers next door is already an invitation. Furthermore, you can even hit on tourists who are visiting your area. They’re more likely to share their experience than residents. Not only are you getting free exposure, but you’re going to have positive feedback from them too.

Get Your Customers to Return More Frequently

As they say, old is gold. Your old customers are the ones you need to woo first whenever you have something new on the menu. If you have a list of loyal customers, you can upload it directly to Facebook Ads Manager or other platforms and then from there, run a campaign targeting them.

Keeping your current customers happy and loyal is a lot less expensive than acquiring new ones. Plus, they bring in more money as they visit more often and are likely to invite someone new every time. That is why you should never disregard them.

Paid Social Media Ads Are Easy to Measure

Organic strategies on social media marketing have their merits. However, unlike paid social media ads, you won’t see the results immediately. So it’s harder to track when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. Good ad campaigns will have a place in your overall marketing strategy, while bad ones will be lessons for you to learn to become better at marketing.

If you have a new restaurant that needs an effective long-term strategy, you should always start with paid social media ads. Imagine pursuing tactics that won’t convert just because you haven’t tested them by trying to save money.

Social media ads tracked by restaurant owner


Paid social media ads may come at a price, but they deliver results right away. Restaurants require customers as soon as possible compared to other businesses to stay afloat. So if you’re new to the game, it’s never a bad idea to run ads on social media and reach your audience without delay.

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