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Facebook Advertising

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Why is Facebook Advertising Important For Your Business?

It’s one thing to own and manage a Facebook account for your business, and another thing to invest in Facebook advertising. As the largest social media platform based on popularity and active monthly users, Facebook provides numerous benefits for brands looking to advertise on its platform.

Facebook advertising and expert social media management are a staple in our lineup of digital marketing services. Running Facebook ads is one of the best ways to acquire new customers, improve brand awareness, and build lasting relationships with your customers. Need more exposure? In addition to Facebook Ads, we provide Instagram marketing services.

80% Of Internet Users Use Facebook

Many of your potential customers are spending the bulk of their time on Facebook, so what better place to reach them?

Facebook Ads Are Highly Targeted

Because people share so much information on Facebook, it’s easy to segment your target audience based on numerous parameters. The result is a more targeted ad campaign.

Facebook Advertising Can Deliver Quick Results

With the right targeting, your ads can start to reach thousands of users within a short period.

Facebook Ads Provide Measurable Performance

Like other forms of advertising, Facebook allows you to track the performance of your ads to make sure you’re getting quality returns.

Here Are The Different Types of Facebook Ads We Run Under Our Facebook Marketing Services

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These are your regular ads that utilize stunning images to promote a product or brand.

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These are great for breaking down complex ideas and boosting engagement rates.

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This is basically a collection of 10 images or videos showcased within a single ad, with each asset linking to a unique landing page.

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These ads give users a breadth of instant experiences immediately when they click on your ad.

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If you’ve got multiple products or services to advertise, you can opt for collection ads.

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For mobile users only, you can add an interactive two option poll to any image or video ad.

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Slideshow ads provide an easy way to create short video ads by using still photographs, text or existing video clips.

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For mobile devices only, lead ads are great for collecting newsletter or email subscriptions, or signing someone up for a conference or trial product.

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1.3 billion users use Messenger every month. Simply choose Messenger as your desired platform when setting up this type of Facebook advertising.

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Facebook Stories ads are meant for displaying your videos vertically while using your mobile phones full-screen.

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This ad allows you to promote your products or services to customers who are most likely interested in purchasing them.

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Augmented reality ads use features like animation and filters to allow people to engage and interact with your brand.

We Advertise On These Social Platforms

Find a Trusted Facebook Advertising Company

Tulumi is the leading Facebook advertising company serving Florida and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing quality results for our clients. Ultimately, our aim is to position your brand for success and maximize the returns on your marketing dollars. 

As a top Facebook advertising company, we’re about performance-based processes, many of which have proven to help companies scale their business and record more profits over a short period. We take care of everything from data-driven targeting to creative designs, and even growth consulting. This way, you get to spend your time and efforts on the more important aspects of your business.

Boost Brand Awareness And Increase Conversion With These Facebook Advertising Services

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Learning about your business and refining your target audience is the first step to any successful marketing campaign. We make sure to project your brand values and voice in front of people with a high chance of being interested in your brand.

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With our PPC management services, we’re able to identify the top-performing campaigns, then customize it for our target specific audiences. Remarketing allows you to get results in a more cost-effective way by using or improving your most effective ads and showing it to specific audiences interested in your brand.

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From our research, we are able to target potential customers based on their interests and social media activities. We set your budget, and create quality content by using attractive images and compelling captions and taglines.

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We create the campaign based on audience research and brand voice. We use AB Testing then we monitor and maintain the ad campaign and make necessary changes to keep it functioning. The Split-test results will help us improve your PPC performance.

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We develop and optimize your page and FB ads for maximized results. Each campaign set up is unique based on your current marketing objectives. Optimizing Facebook allows us to continuously improve advertising strategies and create effective campaigns.

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we give you monthly updates with expert recommendations on how to proceed with our Facebook advertising campaigns. Along with this are the analysis and reports of previous and running ads. These reports will help you see the overall performance of our advertising campaigns, and see the impact of these Facebook ads.

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Our Facebook Advertising Agency Is At Your Service

We are a next-gen Facebook advertising agency that focuses on results. We use cutting edge software and tools that are designed for your success.


Facebook Advertising Statistics

The average cost-per-click on Facebook is $1.86 (Fit Small Business)

The average cost-per-thousand-views on Facebook is $11.20 (Fit Small Business)

26% of people who click on ads report making a purchase (Sparkcentral)

The average conversion rate on Facebook ads is 9.21% (Wordstream)

Put Your Business in the Limelight Through Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is the leading paid media marketing in the world of social media. It has the highest reach, with almost 3 billion active users every month. Partner with Tulumi, the best Facebook Advertising Agency in Orlando and tap into that massive user base.

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Dedicated Ads Manager

From onboarding to execution, Tulumi has got you covered. We believe that communication is one of the most important keys to success; that’s why we assign a dedicated project manager for you.

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Analytics. Performance. Results

Your manager will give you all the requirements, updates, analytics, performance, and results of your Facebook Ads. Moreover, we keep things simple and easy to digest by having everything presented to you in a report with visual presentations.

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Facebook Marketing

As Facebook Marketing Experts, we do our best to be as transparent as possible without confusing you with thousands of KPIs. Our goal is to increase your brand awareness and sales — not overwhelm you with data.

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Experienced Facebook Talents

With Tulumi, you will have access to an incredible team of professional graphic designers, copywriters, and video creators. They will craft a great Facebook Ad that will stop people from scrolling and have them focus on your content.

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Capture Audience Attention

Our goal is to not only boost your online presence but generate quality leads. By only using premium ad materials, you will have a higher conversion rate. Tulumi only hires nothing but the best in the industry.

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Facebook Ads Researchers

Besides having a team of creatives responsible for developing ad assets for your business, we have Facebook Marketing Experts. These tech wizards are all about understanding your industry to its core.

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Facebook Ad Strategists

We can learn more about your audience and take the best course of action to generate the most leads and sales for your business. We also strategize and help our branding team better define your identity.

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Long-Term Branding Goals

With a creative and technical team working side by side for your Facebook Ads, you will get the best results: long-term publicity and profit increase. We advocate providing permanent growth for your business.

Expand Through Facebook Ads

Tulumi is an expert in digital marketing. We don't stop when you get a few hundred sales after one Facebook Ad Campaign. Our Facebook Advertising Service is continuous and will push the limits on every run.
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Facebook Advertising Services

We opt for paid media marketing approaches that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Our Facebook Ads not only encourage your audience to buy your product or service, but to also become loyal customers.
We create ads that show why you’re the brand they should trust and recommend. With years of experience, we have gained proficiency in understanding the psychology behind why people choose certain brands over others despite being more expensive.

Social Assets and Connections

Our ads are not limited to the platform’s paid Facebook advertising services. We take things to the next level by utilizing other digital assets: social pages and groups. We use them to share your ads to boost its organic engagement, which will eventually inform Facebook’s algorithm to make your content more visible than your competitors. Tulumi is a full-service paid media agency with hundreds of digital connections.

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Facebook Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb and her team helped me promote my blog through their social media marketing strategy. I only had a few hundred people following my Facebook page, but with their help, I now have a thousand followers. I am more encouraged to create posts because I know they are there to help out.

Kent Brewer
Gaming Blogger


Paid social media campaigns targeting interested customers


High quality images and infographics that attract customers


Created content that engaged, enticed, and inspired audiences to take action


A Facebook Advertising Agency That Delivers Great Results

We carefully strategize campaigns to give you a good ROI. Over the years we’ve worked with companies to grow their business using Facebook Advertising. We know the latest trends and best practices so we are able to create Facebook Ads that deliver ROI. Check out some of the success stories of these companies we’ve helped.

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Get Started With Facebook Advertising!

Spend your time and effort doing more important things for your business. Work with us and let us handle the nitty-gritty of Facebook Ads.

Tulumi can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!

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Facebook Advertising FAQS


Yes, definitely! Facebook has billions of users worldwide. Thus, investing in its advertising platform is an essential marketing campaign for businesses of all sizes. About 80% of people make their purchasing decisions using social media, including Facebook. With Facebook ads, your business can establish its online following, increase brand awareness, improve lead generation, and drive up revenue. 


Typically, you should allot 5-12% of your revenue to marketing. If you want to make the most of your marketing budget, we can help you with our affordable Facebook advertising packages. Get a free quote now. 


Facebook has certain advertising policies and your ads may get rejected if it does not comply with these policies. The most common reason for Facebook ad rejection is too much text on images. Text-heavy photos get lower engagement and distribution.


Facebook ads work really well and quickly. Once we launch your Facebook ad campaign, we’ll be able to give you quick feedback on lead generation. As the campaign progresses, you’ll see the numbers continue to improve within a month. 


At Tulumi Digital Marketing, we offer the best and most efficient Facebook ad management service to help your business and brand enjoy the benefits of what Facebook’s advertising platform provides. We also utilize AI and machine learning technology for data-backed campaign improvements. Talk to our experts for a FREE strategic consultation.