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Four Must-Have COVID-19 Essentials And Where To Get Them

These readily available essentials against COVID-19 will provide you amazing benefits

As more and more states slowly lift their mandatory stay-at-home orders, the government has to require everyone first to strictly follow the health and safety guidelines before they can go out. 

One of the safety protocols that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) need you to follow is the use COVID-19 essentials all the time. So, what are these essentials? These include face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and sanitizing wipes. 

The initial list can go beyond if you include wearing face shields, wearing a pair of gloves, and goggles, and a lot more, but the ones mentioned above are the easiest to get and the most convenient to use to protect yourself from the threat of the virus. 

Health experts urged the public to practice social distancing at least 6-feet away from the person next to you. Also, those with underlying health conditions are advised not to go out, especially those with flu-like symptoms to prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

The United States continues to grapple with the ravaging effects of COVID-19 as it already infected 4.3-million Americans with more than 150,000 deaths. With that in mind, complacency should be the last thing you have to think of.  The use of these COVID-19 essentials all the time is the last thing you can do. 

There is nothing to argue about since health experts themselves have solid proof that using these essentials will help in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to more people. 

If you’re still skeptical about it, then you have to read this post so you will learn the benefits of using these COVID-19 essentials. This is to spread awareness about the importance of keeping yourself safe and your loved ones. 

Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to hand sanitizers, always choose the one that contains alcohol to help in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 especially when you’re out in the public. Never fail to apply hand sanitizer after touching objects and surfaces, especially those that are frequently touched. Hand sanitizers contain up to 70% alcohol so it is very effective in killing bacteria and germs including the Coronavirus. Hand sanitizers are widely available at groceries and pharmacies and it does not cost you that much for a bottle of them. There are two types of hand sanitizers that you can choose from; either gel-based or liquid-based that must contain alcohol as its active ingredient. Both are effective in eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. 

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant sprays, especially aerosol, are highly used way before the COVID-19 outbreak started in the US four months ago. Aside from enjoying fresher air from the various scents available, disinfectant sprays are very effective in killing germs and bacteria, especially on surfaces. Disinfectant sprays are also known as antimicrobials. They are used to thoroughly and effectively sanitize surfaces in homes, hospitals, and other public places. You should believe if the label says it can kill 99% of germs because it is entirely true aside from removing bad odor in the air. 

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are also widely used today because it’s one of the easiest essentials that you can use to clean anything. Studies showed that using wipes will make it easier for non-custodial workers to quickly clean spots which potentially cut the costs of cleaning. Just like other COVID-19 essentials, sanitizing wipes are properly diluted to the right amount of concentration of the disinfectant solution. Because of this, it provides users a hassle-free way to sanitize themselves or their surroundings. Also, it is always available and very handy to bring with you, anytime and anywhere. Sanitizing wipes are made from carefully-selected fabric that is very efficient in absorbing the formula or the disinfectant and it thoroughly releases it once it is being wiped on any surface and even on the skin. 

It is safe and easy to use but you need to dispose of it correctly too. Make sure to throw used wipes in garbage bins. Don’t just leave them where you used them. That would defeat the purpose of cleaning objects and surfaces. Wipes can be used in high-touch areas like your office table, doorknobs, railings, keyboards, mouse, and even your mobile phone which is where bacteria and germs breed and multiply. 

Face Mask

The face mask is often considered as the most popular and highly used COVID-19 essential since this dreaded virus is contracted and spread by respiratory droplets from person to person. The spread can be done either through droplets of saliva or fluids that come from coughing and sneezing that is why it is extremely important to cover your mouth and nose with a face mask. Face masks block the droplets and serve as a simple barrier to keep these highly-infectious particles from being transmitted to people. Also, if these droplets won’t land to another person, it will still live for hours on any surface. Wearing a face mask effectively reduced the number of droplets that are dispersed into the air including the entire distance it travels. Without wearing a face mask, these droplets can travel up to 10 feet. If you are wearing a thin handkerchief cloth that is turned into a face mask, the droplets can only travel up to three feet. A double folded handkerchief is reduced twice the distance while a medical-grade face mask completely contains these droplets from getting airborne or landing to another person. CDC strictly requires everyone to wear a face mask since there are people that are infected with COVID-19 that are asymptomatic and not aware that they have the virus because they feel no symptoms at all. 

A face mask is widely available today. You can purchase a box of it at a very affordable price. Also, other types of face masks offer different types of protection. Face masks are even very trendy nowadays because you can choose custom face masks to match your style and fashion. 


There are already 44 million Americans that lost either their jobs or their businesses since the lockdowns began. The country is starting to reopen its economy and give people a little bit of freedom which is a sigh of relief for many. 

The best way for you to contribute to the slow but very promising recovery to bring back our lives to normal is to follow the health and safety guidelines imposed by the government. 

Having these essentials won’t put a hole in your pocket, instead, it will give you protection from the virus and the people around you. So, wear a mask always, clean your hands with sanitizers often as your contribution to the country’s recovery. 

If you want to order these essentials, you can head over to CDI Apparel and get discounts for bulk orders. 

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