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LinkedIn Advertising

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LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Referred to as the Facebook for professionals and companies, LinkedIn is your ticket to making powerful connections. In this platform, you can expand your network, hire qualified people, stay updated on industry trends, and most importantly, market your B2B service.

There is no other platform that gives businesses the ability to precisely target professional audiences than LinkedIn. With the right LinkedIn Advertising agency, your business can reach greater heights.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for Your Business | Tulumi Digital Marketing

With Tulumi’s LinkedIn Marketing strategies, we can move your potential clients at every stage of the sales funnel to discover your brand’s importance. Here are some LinkedIn marketing solutions that we can provide to help your business get more customers on this platform:

We’re Good At What We Do and Others Agree

Create A Company Page

We start by building a company page to showcase your company, tell your story, and introduce the people behind the curtains. We set up and optimize your account in a way that increases the credibility and reputation of your company.

Grow Your Connections

Through LinkedIn social selling and outreach, we help grow your connections. We won’t just add random people to your network, we study your prospects, develop a connection with them, and engage potential leads.

Grow Your Connections

The LinkedIn community is unique and diverse. Our team won’t join groups just for the sake of it, we help you connect with others and stand out with quality content.

Create Content

The LinkedIn community is unique and diverse. Our team won’t join groups just for the sake of it, we help you connect with others and stand out with quality content.

Use LinkedIn Advertising

advertising strategy that fits your business and generate more leads. We will also launch precise ad campaigns to retarget visitors.

Tulumi: The LinkedIn Marketing Agency for You

Tulumi’s goal is to bring a positive impact to your business. As an experienced LinkedIn marketing agency, we will target new clients and when necessary, market your business globally through LinkedIn.

At Tulumi, our LinkedIn marketing service can help you:

Publish the best content that resonates with your community

Use paid ads to amplify the results of our marketing strategy

Penetrate groups to gather information and trends

Nurture existing clients with valuable posts and engagement.

Tulumi’s LinkedIn Marketing Services

We offer different LinkedIn marketing services, tailored to your needs.

Content Writing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing


On LinkedIn, members want professional content. This is why we provide high-quality content with a professional tone.

Instagram Marketing - Profile Creation & Optimization | Tulumi Digital Marketing


A well-made profile makes your LinkedIn page professional and credible. Let us work with you to make that happen today.

Social Media Team Building An Online Community | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We implement a plan to utilize LinkedIn marketing to connect with your prospects, nurture relationships, and turn them into paying customers.

LinkedIn Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Through our efforts, we can optimize your LinkedIn profiles and boost reach to a broader community.

Paid Ads Campaign | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We run various LinkedIn ads to help speed up your reach and move your business.

Local SEO Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our LinkedIn marketing efforts can be tracked and reprogrammed so that we can respond to trends and changes.

We Advertise On These Platforms

What are the different types of LinkedIn Advertising?

As social media platforms continue to grow, finding effective and fast ways to position your brand in front of high-converting customers is on every business owners mind. With the help of Tulumi Digital Marketing’s LinkedIn advertising service your business can leverage the largest B2B platform to increase your sales. With our help, you will experience increased SEO visibility and immediate results.

There are different types of social media paid ads formats that constantly change their specifications. So for newbies in advertising in social media, it’s pretty easy to get lost. At Tulumi Digital Marketing, we choose the best LinkedIn paid ads format that suits your objective. We tailor the paid ads format to fully represent your brand.

Here is a summary of the different LinkedIn paid ads format that you can utilize for your business:

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Single Image Ad

Promote your message directly in the LinkedIn feed. Single Image Ads can be targeted to a specific audience across desktop and mobile.

Business SEO Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Carousel Image Ad

Tell an interactive story with a swipeable series of cards in the LinkedIn feed. You can customize the content and landing URL for each card.

Affordable SEO For Small Business | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Video Ad

Engage your audience with interactive content directly in their LinkedIn feed, across desktop and mobile.

Increase Search Rankings | Tulumi

Text Ad

Add a compelling headline, brief description, and even an optional image. Text Ads appear at the top of the page or in the right column of desktop view. Easy setup means you can start reaching your target audience in minutes.

Facebook Ads - Billboard | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Dynamic Ad

Boost conversion rates with these ads automatically personalized to each member based on LinkedIn profile data. Dynamic Ads appear in the right column
of desktop view.

Cloud Computing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Sponsored Messaging

Engage your prospects in LinkedIn Messaging, where professional conversations happen. Sponsored Messaging is now available in two formats: Message Ad and Conversation Ad. Ads are delivered in LinkedIn messenger only when members are active to ensure higher conversion.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Our LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Linkedin Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Analyzes Your Competition

Linkedin Marketing Agency | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Utilizes Relevant Keywords

Linkedin Marketing Agency | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Creates Relevant And Informative Content

Linkedin Marketing Agency | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Keeps Your Page Up-to-date

Key LinkedIn Advertising Stats That You Should Know

Responsive Web Design | Tulumi Digital Marketing

There are 303 million users on LinkedIn who read professional content.

Facebook Ads Revenue | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The conversion success rate, as observed by LinkedIn managers, is around 65% of the time.

Website Hosting Services - Make Money Online | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Ad reach on LinkedIn grew by 25 million in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Instagram Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

There are 55 million companies on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Advertising That Drive Lead Generation

LinkedIn Advertising helps you penetrate the right audience based on their intent. These ads can be personalized to match the needs of the users.

We can help you utilize this feature to drive more leads. At Tulumi, we aim to be your marketing partner, working closely with you to further your marketing reach and improve your company’s bottomline.


Our LinkedIn Marketing Services Delivers Positive Results

We’ve helped these companies increase brand awareness and generate more sales by creating strategic and effective paid marketing campaigns.

Marios Barber Hair Salon - Youtube Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements Facebook Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Bembom Food | Tulumi Digital Marketing

LinkedIn Paid Advertising With Tulumi

Our team of marketing experts can help your business get the best of LinkedIn paid advertising. We rely on evolving trends and updates in the industry to keep you relevant in this competitive world. Our team is well-aware that your growth as a business is the core of our service.

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Linkedin is a platform made especially for professionals. It is popular among older users, about 40-55-year-olds, CEOs, or owners of their businesses. Millennial professionals are also rapidly growing their presence on Linkedin.


Linkedin has about 500 million active professional users you can reach. According to studies, it is also 277% more effective in generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. This is because Linkedin users are excellent decision-makers, so it’s definitely worth an investment. 


B2B companies, no matter the industry, benefit the most from LinkedIn marketing because of its professional user base. The top industries on LinkedIn include IT, health care, construction, education, retail, financial and accounting, computer software, and automotive. 


Hiring a LinkedIn advertising agency capable of running effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns is crucial in helping your business get into action. In addition, they will help unlock countless possibilities for those who aren’t familiar with LinkedIn’s advertising. 

At Tulumi Digital Marketing, our clients benefit from the assurance of following LinkedIn’s advertising policies and the continuous learning of the latest trends and innovations on its platform. 


Our LinkedIn marketing costs depend on several factors, including the services you need, how many campaigns to run, and the bidding cost. We can work around your budget when it comes to LinkedIn advertising. To learn more about our LinkedIn marketing services, contact us for a FREE strategic consultation