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Instagram Marketing

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About Instagram Marketing

The key is to understand how each ad corresponds to your current business goals. In many cases, the ads tend to look just like regular Instagram posts, with the main difference being the “Sponsored” label and CTA button for traffic generation and conversion.

To learn more about just how important it is to include Instagram marketing in your digital strategy, contact us today to schedule your marketing consultation with us.

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Instagram Marketing Statistics

Instagram boasts over 1 billion monthly active users (Instagram)

33% of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are created by businesses (Instagram)

80% of people on Instagram follow a business (Instagram)

Instagram is the second most important social platform for marketers, behind only Facebook (Social Media Examiner)

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Tulumi’s Approach to Instagram Advertising

With a potential audience of more than one billion people, Instagram advertising has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the most essential tools in modern digital marketing. Even better is the fact that Instagram advertising comes with access to the extensive targeting options and tools of its parent company, Facebook. This makes these ads much easier to implement.

Our approach to Instagram marketing is guided by best practices and a commitment to delivering quality results for our clients.

Types of Instagram Ads

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Explore Ads
  • Igtv Ads
  • Instagram Shopping Ads
Instagram Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

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Why You Should Hire Tulumi As Your Instagram Marketing Agency

Hiring a seasoned Instagram marketing company like Tulumi offers your business a number of benefits. We have all of the necessary resources to launch and manage successful Instagram campaigns for your business.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

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We understand the platform’s best practices and apply it to the numerous Instagram ads. We learn your business and create strategies to help stretch your marketing dollars and maximize your ROI. As experts, we continuously uncover new opportunities for business growth by exploring all the features Instagram has to offer.

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We gather data from running ads and present it by sending you visual graphs and numbers so you can see the progress of how each ad is performing. As an Instagram Marketing Agency, we do our best to be as transparent as possible without confusing you with the number of KPIs to monitor.

Instagram Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing


we want to provide your business with continuous growth. With our paid media marketing approaches, we can do just that! Apart from creating effective ads for brand awareness and to increase your sales, we strategize and write content that leaves lasting impressions, and encourage engagement with your audience.

Our Instagram Marketing Services Drive More Sales

As a leading Instagram marketing agency, Tulumi offers a full lineup of Instagram marketing and management services.

Profile Creation And Optimization | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We set up your Instagram accounts, we’ll fill in all the details and make sure it’s optimized and inline with your other social media assets. NAP which stands for Name, Address, Phone Number should be consistent across all social media, websites, and business listings. NAP consistency helps businesses rank well in local search results.

Audience Research | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We study your current audience to be able to target more potential customers. We’re able to reach these leads by selecting demographics, hobbies, interests and social media activities. This way, we’re able to focus on showing your Instagram ads to people who are more likely interested in your brand.

Content Creation | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We customize every post and every Instagram advertising campaign for attraction and conversion. From our audience research and analysis, we are able to create engaging content using high-quality images and appealing captions, for your target market.

Comprehensive PPC Management | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We provide an outside perspective (seeing your brand the way a customer would). Through our extensive research of your brand, we create strategies, run ads, monitor and analyze their performances and make necessary modifications to keep these ads operational.

Instagram Ad Management | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We create the campaign by setting the time zone, campaign budget, language, location, destination URL, and target consumers. We use A/B Split testing in order to see in real time, which ads attract more potential customers. We track your ads performance regularly and make any modifications as needed.

Social Media Team Building An Online Community | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We provide performance reports and expert recommendations. We keep you updated with the current running ads, previous ads that worked, and the ads to be published moving forward. This will help you see the overall performance of our advertising campaigns, and see month-on-month progress.

Our Instagram Marketing Services

With our Instagram advertising services, we help your business grow and achieve its marketing goals. In addition to boosting brand engagement and loyalty, Instagram marketing can help propel customers through the buyer journey and improve sales.

Combined with other engagement-focused strategies, such as YouTube marketing, Instagram marketing can yield some pretty impressive results for your business.

As your trusted Instagram marketing agency, we continually look for more efficient ways to create stunning Instagram content and ads designed to improve conversion rates and provide your business with excellent investment returns.

Instagram Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

An Instagram Marketing Agency You Can Rely On

We have offered Instagram Marketing solutions for businesses that want to increase their revenue. With our expertise in Instagram Advertising, we are able to expand their online presence across social media platforms. We’ve helped these companies with brand awareness, audience targeting, and lead generation. Here are a few of them:

Cafe Gianni | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements Facebook Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Bembom Food | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Ready for Instagram Advertising?

Contact us to know more about how we can help your business grow on Instagram and other social media channels.

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As the second-largest social media platform behind Facebook, Instagram offers businesses at all levels the best tools to reach their desired audience. But the kicker is that not all businesses know how to target their desired audience with a high success rate.

The three types of audience in Instagram are the following:

  • Saved Audience: These audiences consist of individuals and groups targeted according to their sex, age, interests, location, and demographics. The information is used for your Instagram ads campaign to produce targeted content that adequately suits these audience’s preferences and behavior.
  • Custom Audience: These audiences come from email lists or people who previously engaged with your Instagram account. It can also be from people who viewed your Instagram posts or videos.
  • Lookalike Audience: These audiences let you reach the viewers who are similar to your customer database as they mimic the interests and behaviors of your target audience, – this makes them highly likely to convert to paying customers.

Tulumi Digital Marketing has the tools and techniques in social media advertising to draw all these three types of audiences to your brand using the most innovative Instagram ads campaign. 


A lot of factors cause your Instagram engagement to drop. It may be some of the things you did or didn’t do, or sometimes it’s because of Instagram’s changing algorithm. 

Try optimizing your posts or changing the visuals. Also, check how frequently you’re posting or if you’re leveraging its features. If you want a custom plan to improve your Instagram posts’ performance, schedule a FREE strategic consultation with our social media experts. 


Absolutely! Instagram allows businesses to sell directly through their posts with their service feature Instagram Shop. It’s very easy to enable product tagging and let users find them through branded hashtags too.


Very! According to studies, businesses that utilize Instagram experience an average growth rate of 163% in just two years. As Instagram continues to become popular, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most effective social media applications brands can leverage.


Running a business alone is a difficult job. Thus, it is wise to seek help from a trusted and established digital marketing agency specializing in social media marketing services. We have all the optimization tools, insights and  expertise needed to run your Instagram Ads. Our social media marketing experts are ready to provide your business an edge over your competitors. 

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