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Tulumi is a Website Development and SEO Company all in one. Our websites are not only built with a responsive design but are also search engine optimized

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Personalized One-on-One Service

Whether you’re a start-up, or you are moving from another provider, our team of Orlando SEO consultants will work with you one-on-one to make the process headache-free.

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Grow Your Business

We work side-by-side with your business as we develop efficient and cost-effective marketing SEO services. We help you transform your ordinary website into a revenue generator site.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO expert services use a comprehensive approach that includes multiple marketing channels. This all-inclusive strategy gives you the results you are looking for.

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Transparent Communication

We’re transparent with our clients. When it comes to execution, there is always an open line of communication between us for alignment and reporting.

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Measurable Results

We analyze the data and provide recommendations to help you achieve a competitive edge in the organic search results. Our SEO best practices are scalable and data driven.

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What Is Local Search SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a business website for local searches. This is to ensure that when a customer searches for a shop, restaurant, or home service in the same geographical area as they are, that business appears on top of search engines.

One good example is when someone googles ‘best local seo company in Florida’ or if they’re in Florida and type ‘seo company near me’, our agency appears on their search results.

As an experienced local search engine optimization company, Tulumi can rank any business who wants to reach their local audience with white hat practices and extensive digital assets.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

The internet is diverse. Everyone searches for something, and at any given time, those searches may be related to your products and services.

With local search service, we can use search queries, local listings, optimized maps, and other tools to bring you closer to the people who need you. It’s all about dominating your local area and being the go-to resource for quality products and services.

Our local search company helps your website appear on relevant searches and increase your visibility to users looking for your offers within your local service areas. We can also up your game with local search engine marketing. By targeting highly-specific keywords, we can deliver better CTR and higher conversions.

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We Love To Hear The Sound Of Your Phone Ringing

With our services we make SEO an important part of your marketing strategy.

Looking for Local SEO Services in Your Area?

Choosing the right local SEO solutions is not an easy task to do. There are a lot of things you need to consider before making your choice. So how do you choose one? Here’s a quick guide for you:

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Portfolio and Experience

When choosing a local SEO service company, check their clients and knowledge in the industry. Learn about the local search company’s values and goals. And more importantly, check if they have the right expertise and competence to bring your company to the next level.

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When choosing an SEO service from a local SEO agency, always choose the price that best represents the services included in it.

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Knowledge and Expertise

Look for a local SEO company that understands the difference between keywords that local customers are actually searching for and general ones.

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Customer Feedback

Consider reviews to gauge the company’s performance from the perspective of other people.

Dominate Your Local Industry

If you searched “local SEO services near me” or “top local seo company,” your search has ended. Our local SEO company has the experience, expertise, and excellence to help you reach the top local rank in Google searches. We offer various affordable local seo services that address your business needs and fit your budget.

Whether you’re a local service company or a multi-location enterprise, we’ll bring your brand to where your customers are locally. If you want to expand your service area, we can also put your brand name at the top of search results using Nationwide SEO best practices.

Other Local Businesses Are Doing It, You Should Too!

Not convinced about how local search engine optimization services can help your business? Don’t take our word for it; check out these recent stats below:

76% of people who search for businesses using their smartphones visit on the same day

39% of purchases are convinced to buy products because of relevant search results

45% of shoppers shop online and pick up at the store

There is a 250% growth in recent years “near me” and “on-sale” search queries

We’re Good At What We Do and Others Agree

We Are the Leading Local SEO Marketing Company in Florida

At Tulumi, we offer top-quality local search marketing services to help your company rank higher in local searches, get more leads, and expand your marketing reach. To this end, we offer:

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On-page Local SEO

We will fix your website and optimize it by posting SEO content, improving the website’s code, and making it accessible to all devices.

Google My Business Optimization | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Google My Business Optimization

We’ll put your business on Google map, add all relevant information, and let consumers see you when they’re searching the net.

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Business Citations

In local business SEO, citations are essential. We’ll list your company on data aggregators so that we can access more consumers.

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Region Specific Keyword Targeting

By targeting specific keywords relevant to your location and area, we can utilize these keywords on your on-page content to make it relevant to the algorithm.

Offsite Link Building | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Offsite Link Building

Our local seo experts will use offsite link building to link your website on third-party sites for ranking purposes.

Local SEO Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Community Participation or Comment Marketing

We’ll add valuable inputs to your customers through comment marketing so that they will not feel ignored and left behind.

What to Expect with Tulumi as Your Local Search Marketing Company

We can help your website dominate its local space through local search marketing and make it a top search result for search queries falling within your category.

However, we don’t stop at making you No. 1. That’s why our local seo consultants will work hard to create valuable and relevant content that’ll convert consumers to customers.

No need to search for ‘local seo near me’ or ‘seo company near me.’ We are your local search engine optimization specialists. By letting us hold the wheel for you, we assure you that you’ll:

Outrank your competitors

Get a higher ROI on Local SEO

Experience high traffic and conversion rates

Have an improved brand reputation

Hire the Best Local SEO Company Today!

At Tulumi, we employ the best techniques to make you shine in local SERP rankings. Dominating local SERP helps you gain a larger market share locally. We aim to be the best local SEO company and deliver positive results for your marketing campaigns.

Case Studies

Our local SEO service optimizes ‘near me’ searches to your advantage

We can bring your products and services to your target customers. With comprehensive SEO analysis and proven SEO techniques, we’ve helped brands increase online exposure and visibility at a local level. Take a look at these few examples. 

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Cafe Gianni | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Guest Blogging - Well Health Works | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Are you ready to optimize and improve your website's ranking?

Let’s help you create SEO strategies that deliver results! 

Tulumi can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!


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Local SEO is similar to National SEO, except it is mainly dedicated to your local search territory. It means that it helps connect potential customers within your local area searching for keywords or phrases relevant to your business. 

Tulumi Digital Marketing efficiently optimizes your website to improve its visibility in local search rankings. On top of that, we can get your business featured on many local directories listings. 


According to statistics, almost 70 % of customers search for local businesses near them online. Improving your brand’s local SEO rankings through optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) will draw more high-intent potential customers. 


It requires years of training and experience to fully understand and master the proper execution of local SEO. Our local SEO services include:

  • Affordable Local SEO Services
  • Video Summary
  • Expert Consultations
  • Local Digital Marketing Services
  • Local SEO Guide
  • Google Analytics Reports


This depends on your company’s goals, needs, and budget. For a 6-month campaign, we recommend a minimum budget of $500/month as an upfront investment. It is also possible for us to do it less, but your results will also move slower in every step. 


Most local customers search through business listings so it’s important to have your business show up on local business directories. Be sure that your business is listed on Google. This way, customers find it easy to verify your business information. 


Our clients often see results in 3-4 months but as a general rule of thumb, you should start seeing measurable local SEO results within 6-12 months. 

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