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Paid Media Services

Expand your reach and tailor your messaging to get more quality leads and conversions
Paid Social Media | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Amplify Your Paid Social Media and SEO Efforts

We run localized pay per click search campaigns that describe the atmosphere of your business, your menu or product selections, your location, hours, and contact information. So when people search for your products or services, whether on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even DuckDuckGo, they will find you!

Paid Social Media Advertising

Use the most suitable social media advertising platform to reach your desired audience and drive traffic to your business. We will help attract more patrons to walk through your doors by developing a solid social media presence.

It doesn’t matter which platform you choose because we have the know-how and the experience to make your brand stand out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Youtube.

Paid Social Media Advertising | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Paid Media Marketing Done Right | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Paid Media Marketing Done Right

Our paid media marketing services are proven to increase your sales and leads. Aside from that, we create meaningful connections and make an impact with your potential and existing customers. 


We Advertise On These Platforms


Accelerate Your Business With Our Paid Media Marketing Services

Google Ads

We provide a turnkey solution to promote your business on Google. Our Adwords agency is an expert on local services ads, remarketing campaigns, and Google shopping ads.

Bing Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Bing Ads

Our years of experience will help you navigate the complexities of Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising to generate leads from searchers who do not use Google.

DuckDuckGo Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing

DuckDuckGo Ads

For businesses who deal with sensitive matters, we make sure to utilize DuckDuckGo Ads where advertising is targeted on highly-specific keywords.

Yahoo Ads

We target on-the-go customers by running Yahoo Gemini Advertising for native ad campaigns and mobile search ads. Small businesses also benefit from a low cost per click compared to bigger search engines, giving you better ROI.

Facebook Ads

Our performance-based FB marketing campaigns have proven to help businesses increase sales and generate direct responses from qualified leads. We speak fluent social media language that ensures effective results for custom audiences and dynamic product ads.

Instagram Ads

We’ll help you reach massive audiences through creative Instagram ads. Our campaigns will boost brand awareness and foster brand advocacy for your business.

YouTube Ads

Our YouTube ad experts will launch a competitive ad campaign to give you impressive ROI. Whether it’s turning your existing video content into ads or creating new ones, we got you.

Twitter Ads

Grow your following with Tulumi’s Twitter ad services. We can put your business on the limelight by making sure your voice is heard through engaging tweets, hashtags, and campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads

B2B companies yield incredible results from our LinkedIn Advertising services. We place your ads to decision-makers in your industry for better leads and higher conversion rates.

Pinterest Ads

Using promoted pins, Tulumi’s Pinterest marketing team can direct more traffic to your website, make your content viral, and build credibility and authority around your brand.

Guy McBernards Review on Paid Media Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Our company teamed up with Tulumi aiming to generate a smoother lead funnel for our targeted paid media strategy. They also helped us with daily posts across social media channels which increased our engagement with customers. So far, we are very satisfied with their initial aims that perfectly met our criteria and expectations. Apart from paid media, we also availed of their expertise in SEO. We are now ranked better in search engines as well!

Guy McBernards
Used Car Dealership


Website development and applied UX best practices


Utilized on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO strategies to achieve clients’ objectives

Paid Ads

Developed a solid social media presence to drive more traffic to site

COntent Marketing

Created content that engaged, enticed, and inspired audiences to take action

Get Professional Paid Media Marketing With 100% Transparency!

We offer 100% transparency and take managing your accounts seriously. Our PPC team members are Bing Ads Accredited Professionals and certified in Google Adwords.

Since we are also a Google Partner we have access to Google Adwords reps which will propel your business ahead of your competition!

Get More Traffic With Our Results-Driven Paid Social Media Services

What good is it to market to a large audience if you’re targeting the wrong people? Get a full-service digital marketing agency in Orlando that understands your needs and can handle your campaign management with expertise.


We launch targeted messages to your ideal audience based on online activities, search behavior, location, and demographics. And we do it at the right time!


Together, we’ll select every aspect of your paid media advertising campaign, from keywords, audience to placements and specific zip codes. This is what precision marketing is all about.


Tulumi’s paid media advertising strategies, including PPC management services and Google Adwords, filter out non-profitable guests. Our marketing tactics focus on those who matter the most to bring in more sales.

Why Choose Tulumi Paid Social Agency
Paid Media Services - Digital Commerce | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Two-Way Communication

Our Communication Is two-way, transparent and straight-forward. We listen and understand what your company needs. We explain everything in detail and provide data that support our strategies.
Adding Promotions And News Prior To The Event | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Campaign Optimization

We continuously work on optimizing your campaigns. We create different tests and regularly monitor which ads are more effective than others and we replicate these for best results.
Working with and meeting your deadlines | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Localized Advertising

We do our research, study and understand your brand and location so we can advertise to your specific area and target your potential customer demographics.
Paid Media Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

You Set The Monthly Ad Budget

Unlike other digital companies that have fixed sets of digital marketing budget, we want clients to be in control of our campaigns. Clients set the budget and we adhere to it.
Paid Media Services Reputation | Tulumi Digital Marketing

We Are Advertising Experts

We're a Google certified team. We've worked with clients from different industries, improving online presence across social media and search networks through local digital advertising.
Responsive Web Design - Customer Survey | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Analytics And Reporting

We analyze data and results of every campaign we run and present them to you on a monthly basis, together with a list of recommendations to improve paid media ads performance.
Responsive Web Design | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Customized Landing Pages

Our landing pages are made up of attention-grabbing titles, relevant media, and quality content, call-to-action buttons that convert your site’s visitors into profitable leads.
Paid Media Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Regular Customer Support

Aside from the monthly reporting, we keep track of all our activities weekly, so when clients have queries and clarifications, we are ready to provide answers.

We’re Good At What We Do and Others Agree

Case Studies

Paid Media Services - Senior Living | Tulumi Digital Marketing

From the Client:

“I can’t thank Tulumi enough for getting my website appearance up to date instead of looking old like it was done back in 1999! Now I have more visitors who are taking my business seriously. Plus I get more calls for inquiries!”

Paid Media Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

From the Client:

“I can’t tell you how actively engaged the Tulumi staff is with my project. There is always an open line of communication and they give regular reports. Not like my last agency where I didn’t know what they were doing.”

Paid Media Services Roofing Service | Tulumi Digital Marketing

From the Client:

“I was frustrated with my website being listed deep into the Google search pages. No one was seeing my business. This changed with Tulumi. They did keyword analytics and helped my business rank in search! Thank you!”

Invest With Our Paid Marketing Services Today For Your Success Tomorrow

If you want your business to stay competitive, then you need to make your presence known. The best way to do that is through Tulumi’s Paid Marketing Services:

Growth Driven | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We leverage the latest digital trends to create cutting-edge PPC campaigns that provide a healthy ROI.

Additional Revenue Streams | Tulumi


We have a team of certified PPC specialists with extensive training in Google Ads and social media ads.

Customized Website | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our marketing team will keep you in the know of your online activities and the campaign progress at all times.

Website Copywriting | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our Geo-specific SEO strategies are optimized to help you rank in your local area and be more visible to local audiences. 

Website Copywriting - Distribution Channels | Tulumi Digital Marketing


We beat your competition with custom and personalized pay-per-click campaigns. We run A/B split testing for better conversion. 

Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Our paid social media management services allow you to handle your budget in the most cost-effective way.

Are You Worried About Any Of These?

Digital Marketing Agency Orlando FL | Tulumi
Rocketboost Your Sales With Tulumi’s Paid Ad Services!

We are a full service digital marketing agency that creates paid ads that actually bring in sales and revenue. Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Tulumi can help get you on top of people’s searches and stay ahead of the competition. With our customized digital marketing services, your business will stand out. Contact us today!


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What is paid marketing?

A paid ad online is one of the digital marketing services we offer, especially to small businesses. If you want to start an ads campaign online, the ads will be posted on different platforms a search engine’s search result, on a website, on a

Paid digital advertising is a marketing method where companies pay a publisher (like a search engine or website owner) each time someone clicks or views their ads in a search result, on a website, on social media, or various digital platforms.

What types (format) of paid marketing services do you offer?

Businesses must adapt to today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Thus, it would be best if you start considering applying different types of online paid marketing services.

At Tulumi, harness the power of digital marketing and integrate your business through our paid marketing services.

These are the types of paid marketing services we offer:

  • Google Ads
  • Web teaser ads
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Digital display
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Internet video Ads

  • Social media Ads
  • Web teaser ads
  • Online Cost Per Action (CPA) Ads
  • Online mobile Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Internet location-based ads


How long does a paid ad usually last?

It entirely depends on how long our clients want to run the ads on their chosen platform. Ads can take a week, a month, and others run the entire season (ex. Christmas, Halloween, Summer). But it usually requires three months for the ads to work efficiently. This period also provides us and our client’s valuable data, which is utilized to improve the performance of the paid ads campaign.

What platforms are used for paid ads?

We cover most of the platforms you can see on the internet.

We run paid ads campaigns on these platforms:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

  • Duck Duck Go
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


How long does it take to see the results of the paid ads?

Our team of digital marketers follows a standard procedure which includes testing the ads posted at least 2-4 days before assessing its progress.

During this period, we will keep in touch with our clients about the necessary tweaks to further improve the ad. For most paid ads campaigns, we will start to see results within a week.

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