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SEO Keyword Research

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Your keywords need to be implemented to affect your website’s ranking. In SEO, our search engine ranking service monitors how a search engine assesses your website’s relevance to the search query, a.k.a. SEO keywords. By adding this service in addition to our SEO keyword research, we can create a more significant impact in ranking and outranking competitors using the same keywords.

Here are some facts why SEO keyword research is necessary:

  • PPC Management Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing
    30% click-through rates (CTR) for results at the top of the search engine results page
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    Organic traffic is valuable if you rank higher
  • PPC Management Services - Mobile Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
    Long-tail keywords are becoming less popular as their CTRs are only around 3% to 5%
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    70% of marketers feel that SEO is better than PPC

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Outrank Your Competitors With Tulumi’s SEO Keyword Research Service

Your website’s ranking is everything In SEO. But to make sure we outrank your competition and guzzle up all the resulting organic traffic, we need to undergo a thorough SEO keyword research and a SEO competitor analysis. These powerful tools let us analyze the market to see what your competitors are doing right to outrank you.

So how does it work?

First, we research your competitors by checking out the keywords, links, and the content they use. Then, we use that information to implement a better SEO strategy for your business and increase your site’s traffic. Our data-driven analysis does more than just spy on your competitors, we embark on a comprehensive approach to put you on top.

Bryan Silver Review on SEO Keyword Research | Tulumi Digital Marketing

We’re relatively new in the construction business so it was important that we find a good marketing agency to help us. Tulumi’s keyword research and content optimization was very thorough. One of the articles they published on our site has generated a lot of traffic and shares. I recommend that they be your go-to SEO company especially for small businesses.

Bryan Silver
Construction Materials Supplier

keyword research

Keywords strategy, SEO marketing techniques, and content plan


Website development and applied UX best practices


Keyword Research, Content Creation

Our SEO Competitor Analysis Helps You Stand Against Your Competition

Our full-comprehensive SEO plan always includes an SEO competitor analysis. But if you should choose this service by itself, you’ll still get a thorough analysis of your competitors which will help you better understand how you can thrive in the market.

We run through their keywords strategy, SEO marketing techniques, and content plan. In essence, we try to find out what’s working for your competitors and what’s not so we can come up with an action plan to improve your position in the market. Our SEO competitor analysis includes the following:

Competitor Identification | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Competitor Identification

Our SEO team comes up with a list of your competitors (local, regional, or national) and we identify their SEO strategies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Content Analysis | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Content Analysis

We examine and analyze every element of your competitors’ content including text, video, images, their web placement and how they attract website traffic.

Competitor Keyword Analysis | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Competitor Keyword Analysis

By identifying your competitors’ valuable keywords, we can determine which keywords you could rank for or rank better.

Design Analysis | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Design Analysis

Our SEO analysis isn’t limited to keywords and content, we examine their website’s layout, navigation structure, and UX/UI design.

Office Notes - Notepad Entrepreneur | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Link Analysis

We use the best software tools for top-level benchmarking of your competitors’ backlinks, including its quality, history, and authority.

Data-driven Insights | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Insights

Tulumi’s SEO experts are also market research specialists. With every data report we generate, we provide an actionable plan to build a stronger market share.

We’re Good At What We Do and Others Agree

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Importance of SEO Keyword Research

When you search for something that you’re interested in, what do you type on the search bar? Keywords, right?

In SEO, it’s crucial to capitalize on keywords to target people who use them. By knowing which keywords match your niche, we can use them to generate authority and relevance in implementing our on-page SEO strategy.

Tulumi's SEO Keyword Research Services

Our SEO keyword research services involve a series of processes that take into consideration your business’ nature. First, we use keyword research tools to search for possible keywords within your niche. Then, we group keywords according to your usage. In this stage, we use the funnel approach to relate those keywords to prospective buyers.

Lastly, we forward these keyword groups for content creation. It may sound simple, but it’s tedious and complicated in reality. That’s enough reason why you shouldn’t do keyword research on your own unless you’re an SEO expert yourself.

SEO Keyword Research | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Case Studies

When we conduct SEO keyword research, we take a closer look at your competition and compare it with your company’s performance so we can improve your overall digital marketing strategy. Check out these case studies.

Marios Barber Hair Salon - Youtube Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements Facebook Ads | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Bembom Food | Tulumi Digital Marketing

SEO Keyword Strategy: The Game Plan

We may have the keywords, but it will be a waste without an SEO keyword strategy. At Tulumi, we treat this as a crucial point in our SEO service. We create a game plan that guides us on how to be two steps ahead of competitors; We have to double-check or even triple-check on metrics, analytics, and SEO data to create a strategy that achieves our goals.

Talk To Our SEO Experts

At Tulumi, we analyze your needs, adapt when necessary, and implement strategies with predictable positive results. Get started with a FREE strategy consultation today by calling (800) 481-1720 or reach us through our contact form.

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Keywords range from single words or key phrases that search engines use to identify the kind of the content your website contains. When keyword research and implementation are done effectively, your business website will attract high-quality and high-volume traffic. Keywords also help businesses rank higher on search engines.


This varies on a wide range of factors, including the goal of your web page as well as the length of your content. We recommend using the target keyword at least once or twice every 100 words. Again, this depends on different factors. We can provide you with a keyword strategy after discussing your goals and conducting a FREE website audit of your business.


Your website’s search engine ranking can fluctuate. One day you may be ranked higher than your competitors, the next day, you are behind them. Over time, your competitors will uncover how to optimize their site and content, eventually outranking you. 

This problem is one reason why doing an SEO competitor analysis is an essential SEO service for all businesses at every level. Tulumi Digital Marketing’s SEO competitor analysis provides our clients extensive research on the content, its elements, keywords, and links that their competitors utilize. 

Some of the methods we use with this service include: 

  • SEO keyword competition analysis
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Top content analysis


The first thing you have to do is research. Start by identifying your direct and indirect competitors. Direct competitors are businesses who sell the same products as yours. Indirect competitions are publishers or companies that don’t sell the same products but publish the same content or compete for the same keywords as yours. 

At Tulumi, we determine your primary, secondary, and tertiary competitors. Based on our initial discussion and extensive market research, we can come up with a list based on your products and services, target audience, and locations. Contact us to schedule a FREE strategic consultation.


Tulumi Digital Marketing follows a standard procedure that leverages the latest insights and trends in our client’s business niche or industry. Through this analysis, we develop the most relevant keywords and information about your competitors. 

Our comprehensive SEO competitor analysis includes an examination of the following: 

  • SEO keywords
  • Site structure
  • Backlink profiles
  • Social media strategies
  • UX design
  • Detailed traffic insights
  • Strategy analysis

Our SEO experts combine different elements and approaches to gather all crucial data from your competitors efficiently. Consequently, we come up with a digital marketing strategy for your business to beat your competition.