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Tips for Increasing Your Organic Reach on Social Media

Organic reach in social media is on a decline for the past few years. This badly affects the social media marketing strategies of many brands especially small businesses and startups. There are various reasons according to experts why this is happening. 

One of the main reasons why organic reach in social media is declining is because of the overwhelming number of content that is published on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Because there’s just too much content that is published, this affects the visibility in the news feed since it’s becoming more competitive. Also, these social media platforms are striving to provide their users with the most relevant content instead of providing them with all kinds of content in their news feed. 

According to a study in 2016, Facebook, the most popular social media platform has dropped its organic reach to more than 50%. The statistic also highlighted that brands and publishers are now having a hard time getting more audience organically. This trend continues to affect social media marketing up to this day. As a result, a lot of brands out there are doing everything they can to maintain their organic social reach. 

Why is it important to maintain organic reach? 

Simple – it can boost your lead generation efforts and it can even contribute to your sales funnel. 

Even without paid ads, having a strong organic reach ensures your message gets across to the audience who regularly engages with your content. So if you want to boost your organic reach in social media, here are the best tips that will surely help you out. 


Most people use Facebook’s platform, especially businesses, to promote their brand. Facebook is also one of the best social media platforms in terms of audience engagement. Although Facebook is indispensable in social media marketing, just like what is mentioned above, it is also affected by the declining organic reach for the past few years. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your organic reach on Facebook,  here are the surefire tips you need to know.

  • Monitor and track your stats- Facebook lets you track its statistics to fully understand how you can improve your organic reach through Facebook Insights. There, you can utilize Insights’ tools to get an assessment of your most current performance on Facebook. This is based on the data gathered from your posts, engagement from people, and page visits. This is very helpful in giving you an accurate assessment of your current situation to help you out in coming up with the best solution to improve your organic reach. 
  • Balancing your current and evergreen content- You have to balance your current and evergreen content to help improve your organic reach on Facebook because people just love content especially if it has quality. Evergreen content is a type of post that is solution-driven and stays relevant and useful for many years to come while current content is basically about the trends, current events, and popular things that are happening around. Both always grab the interest of people so make sure your Facebook page contains both of these to draw more interest and attention not just from your current followers and audience, but also from the rest of Facebook. 
  • Take advantage of its new features- Facebook constantly updates the app to further maximize the average time that is spent on each of its users. With this, there are new features that can be used to improve your organic reach. Facebook also uses a new algorithm that limits the number of posts that a user can view depending on the relevance of the user’s interests and likes. To reach more people, you have to take advantage of its new features such as Facebook Live, Story, Dynamic Ads, and more. 


Just like Facebook, Twitter is a very powerful tool in social media marketing that will provide your brand more leads and stronger communication with your audience and customers. Your organic reach should also be strong on Twitter if you want your brand to become successful in social media. You have to establish a strong presence on Twitter that transforms into higher Twitter reach. It may sound daunting, but it is very similar to Facebook’s strategy in boosting organic reach.

To boost your organic reach on Twitter, here are some very helpful tips that you have to learn.

  • Determine the perfect time to post– Posting something for your target audience should be done in perfect timing. To master this, all you need to do is post regularly to determine what time of the day where your audience has the highest engagement, likes, and retweets on your posts. It is a trial and error method, so be patient on this one. Once you know what time of the day your audience has the highest engagement, make it your regular schedule to post your Tweets. This will surely help improve your organic reach. 
  • Utilize Twitter’s analytics tool– Just like Facebook, Twitter has its insights feature that lets you use its analytics tool to determine the best time to post your tweets for higher engagement. This also helps you determine what time of the day your audience is online. There are tons of information and data you can collect and use to further analyze and come up with a sound strategy using Twitter’s insights tool to improve your organic reach. 
  • Don’t forget to use hashtags– Twitter’s popularity comes from using hashtags. This is why you should never forget to add this to boost your organic reach. What is more important in using hashtags is selecting the right ones for your posts. Make sure the hashtag you are using is relevant to your business or brand as this won’t just create better awareness of your brand, but also helps in improving your organic reach. 


Instagram had major updates since 2018, which further improved its algorithm. Now Instagram’s algorithm improves the time of your posts and this matters even more as the posts on your feed are ordered chronologically compared to before.

Here are the best ways to boost your organic reach on Instagram.

  • Be specific with your goal first– Before you even post the first picture in your Instagram post, make sure your goal in business, your marketing strategy, and the nature of your business are all aligned so that you can determine the appropriate posts on your Instagram account. Many businesses create their Instagram account and are unaware that they are posting irrelevant content which defeats the purpose of improving their organic reach. So, make sure that your content is relevant and aligned to your goal. 
  • Familiarize your hashtags– Familiarizing the hashtags that come with your posts is very important. The hashtags on your posts should be relevant to your brand. Come up with a list of hashtags that perfectly fit with your brand’s slogan, product, or service. Use the hashtags that you list every time you post on your Instagram account. Also, make yourself updated on the hashtag trends on Instagram to reach more people.
  • Be consistent in posting on your account– Instagram rewards accounts that consistently and regularly post on their pages. Its algorithm always favors those who post regularly, especially those that have quality content. Make sure you have already determined the best time of the day to post your content to ensure engagement with your followers or audience. Also, try using Instagram Insights, an analytics tool similar to Facebook and Twitter. 


Despite its decline, organic reach is not dead and it is still one of the best social media marketing strategies to promote your brand or your business. Always remember that social media platforms constantly change, that is why you should also adapt to brand-new strategies to boost your organic reach. There will always be a way for everything. 

If you need help in increasing your organic reach, you may contact our team of social media marketing mavens so we can discuss what’s best for your brand. 

Deb Wallace | CEO | Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb Wallace


Deb Wallace brings a dynamic career in mobile and internet marketing. She remains on the industry’s cutting edge for technology and innovation driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and relationships. She carries with her a vast knowledge in the e-commerce marketplace as well as extensive experience in the online payment processing industry.

Deb is exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity, tenacity, and initiative in achieving both personal and business goals. She is currently focused on providing multiple locations for the company.


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