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Effective Twitter Marketing Tips You Should Use

Twitter is a valuable marketing tool that’s often overlooked. If you’re a savvy marketer, you can use the Twitter social media platform to market your brand. And you can do it in a fast and efficient manner.

It’s true most people associate Twitter with memes. It was also Donald Trump’s go-to social media platform (until he got banned). It’s also where most Hollywood celebrities make their opinions known. But Twitter is so much more.

Twitter is a great micro-blog with immense reach. It boasts an advertising audience of 353 million. The number of Twitter users is rising every year. It had 314.9 million users in 2020. This number will reportedly hit 329 million in 2022.

It might come as a surprise to you but Twitter is one of the fastest ways to get real-time information. It’s also an effective method of learning the latest trends. It’s a tool many world leaders and policymakers use to explain and promote their policies. Politicians also use it to interact with their constituents. Former US President Barack Obama is a good example of Twitter’s power. He made good use of the platform during his term and has one of the most followed Twitter accounts.

Twitter was able to help this popular US president push his political agenda. So think of what it can do for your brand. The site can be a powerful marketing tool with the right content and strategy. But with millions of tweets sent every day, you need some good Twitter marketing tips to get noticed.

Reasons to Use Twitter

  • You’ll know what’s happening right now. Twitter is real-time. People tweet about what they’re seeing or experiencing as it happens. It’s why businesses use it to gauge trends. It’s also useful in helping prepare for your next content.
  • It’s a great networking tool. It’s an open platform that can connect you to colleagues and your audience. You can also reach out to experts, influencers, and creators.
  • You have access to the movers and shakers. Twitter is the platform with the most engagement between big names and consumers. Tweet something unique, thought-provoking, or funny. There’s a good chance it will be retweeted. If you’re lucky, it will be by a business leader, celebrity, and even a major corporation.
  • It can give your personal brand a boost. What is a personal brand? This is the public persona you’ve created for your audience. You use it to communicate your values, goals, and purpose. Establishing a presence on Twitter can do wonders for your brand. It can drive traffic to your website and open a dialogue with your target market. You can also generate leads with it.

Top Twitter Marketing Tips to Consider

Organize and Join Twitter Chats

This is one Twitter marketing tip you should apply. Twitter chats are an effective way to connect to your audience. You can also find kindred spirits who share your vision and interests. It’s an effective way to get followers.

There are chats for every topic under the sun. Look for one that you can connect to your brand or will help push your message forward. You can also organize your own chat. This is good if you’re having trouble looking for the right discussion for your company. But whether you’re heading the discussion or joining one, make sure you take part. Reply to the thread, follow new people, and keep the connection going.

Make Good Use of Hashtags

Using a good hashtag is one of the most popular Twitter marketing tips. A hashtag is an essential component of any tweet. The right one can make your post go viral. It’s also a quick way to organize tweets keyed to a specific topic or keyword.

Be careful when using trending hashtags though. You don’t want to co-opt it only to find out it’s viral for a wrong or offensive reason. It could also be against your brand image. This could lead to a severe backlash from your audience. Make sure you research and understand the tag before adding it to your post.

Don’t Go Overboard With It

Unlike Instagram, Twitter isn’t friendly to hashtags. While it was first used on Twitter, it doesn’t mean you should add dozens like there’s no tomorrow. The best practice is to use one to three hashtags. So make sure you pick the best one to use. It must be relevant to your post and should act as a guide to the content.

Many tags also make a post look cluttered. They’re harder to read when grouped close together. Plus, you only have 240 characters to make a point. Don’t waste it on redundant tags

Tweet Images and Videos

You should also use photos and videos. Visuals will always make an impact. You should milk it for all its worth, especially since there’s limited space on a Twitter post.

Choose engaging or thought-provoking images. Videos should either be funny or poignant. You should also put a catchy caption to make it more shareable. You can also use videos or GIFs when reacting to a post. It will make it more visible and compelling.

Tweet Several Times a Day

There are millions of tweets made in a day. That’s not even taking into account the re-tweets. This means posting once or twice isn’t enough to catch attention. Luckily for you, you can tweet several times a day without looking like you’re spamming. Some experts suggest tweeting early in the day since it’s the time people are using the platform. Then do some staggered posting throughout the day.

One way to ensure you have enough posts is to schedule them. Design an editorial calendar for your content. There are many apps that can help you with this. Many Orlando SEO services prepare a month’s worth of content and schedule when to post. You can reply to tweets or re-tweet posts that catch your eye when you have time. You should also make your content shareable. You can use it on your other social media accounts.

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To Conclude

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