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Making Personal Connections Through The Web

Apricus Earned A Website and Company Profile in One

About the Client

Apricus is a senior living consulting firm consisting of experts in senior living management, construction, marketing, and franchise investments. Sharing the same passion for luxury senior living, these consultants built Apricus to help entrepreneurs and investors with their senior living facilities and start-up businesses.

Apricus is proud to carry networks that span sectors and a strategic vision that drives social and economic success.

The Challenge

Although the owners have a combined experience of 100 years, Apricus Senior Living is relatively new as a consulting firm. Thus, they did not have a website they could show to clients yet. The real challenge they faced was connecting with new people and discussing partnership opportunities. Since most people verify information online, none could be found on any search engines about Apricus and its owners’ successes.

ClientApricus Senior Living
Project Date. Project Date: April
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Apricus Senior Living Digital Marketing Solutions

For many consulting firms, attracting and developing new business is a top challenge and priority. This problem is why a lot of companies make transformative use of their websites. The essential digital solution for Apricus is building a search engine optimized and professional website design to keep up with the industry.

The first goal of the website we built is to create a good and lasting first impression from their clients. Most consulting firms go for dark shades of colors for a formal look. We, on the other hand, want Apricus to stand out. So injecting the orange color as its highlight gives it a modern, fresh, and innovative style.

Describing the services of Apricus can be a bit complex. The website helps tell the story. We used multi-method communication methods such as segmented service sections, testimonials, and FAQs to help prospective clients learn about Apricus and what they do.

Apricus’ website is designed to become a ‘destination’ website for leaders, businessmen, and investors looking for practical tips in the senior living business. To create dynamic content, we publish relevant and engaging articles on their blog page.

With the potential customer in mind, our content marketing strategists thought of questions that the Apricus clients are looking to answer. We provided those answers in the FAQs section, the detailed descriptions of the services, and blog articles.

Apricus website is also an avenue for clients to connect with our experts. To ensure people are encouraged and welcome to book a FREE consultation, we strategically placed contact forms and CTAs on every website page.

Our SEO specialists made sure the website is mobile-responsive, the speed at peak performance, and the consulting firm is listed on business directories to fully optimize the website. We also bookmarked articles on social media platforms, and our SEO team ensures that backlinks are earned from authoritative websites.

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The Outcome

We believe that the website we built for Apricus quickly establishes their brand and shows their experience, credibility, and genuine desire to help clients in the senior living industry. The content on each page builds and supports the brand’s personality, conveys the intended message, and educates their potential customers.

With a website filled with enough information about the brand and its owners, people get a chance to meet the team before they even work with them. With this website, they don’t just get to establish their presence online but they also earn a digital presentation they can show their clients anytime.

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