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SEO Code Of Ethics

Tulumi is a digital marketing agency you can trust

At Tulumi Digital Marketing, we are committed  to serving our clients with the utmost integrity and accountability. With the increased use of black hat tactics in SEO, we stand firm on implementing only legal and acceptable practices to improve a website’s search engine rankings. We aim to improve conversions and traffic and an increase in ROI for our clients’ businesses. Here, you’ll see an ethical framework upon which our SEO strategies are founded upon.


We work to the best of our ability to increase our client’s website rankings, conversions, and ROI.

Our team keeps abreast of any changes in search engine algorithms, new technologies, and updates so we can stay ahead of the curve. 


We set realistic client expectations.

We don’t overpromise. After a careful analysis of your site and before implementation, we make sure clients understand the goals and the results that we expect.


We do not violate copyright laws or infringe trademarks.

We understand that publishing duplicate content has serious consequences for a website’s credibility and authority, even if that content is written by us. Our SEO specialists and writers only write original content for each website we manage and upload to and avoid plagiarism at all times. 


We treat our clients fairly.

We don’t play favoritism when providing services to our clients that are in related industries. We are diligent in making sure we deliver the services they have paid for. In most cases, accounts in related niches are managed by different SEO specialists to guarantee equal attention. 


We do not engage in any activity that may cause potential harm to our client’s brand reputation.

We practice due diligence in every activity we pursue for our clients, such as listing in directories or obtaining backlinks. We do so by carefully reviewing websites and avoiding any techniques that may penalize our client’s website.


We do not represent others' work as our own.

Our team only provides original content and designs for every client we work with. If, in any case, we use an image, graphic, or any other content produced by a third-party contractor, we acquire full rights to such or receive consent of its usage.


We protect our clients’ information and maintain complete confidentiality of our project’s progress.

We treat information as sacred. We make sure any details of your business, leads, or other intellectual property rights are secured and protected. We make sure that our employees and contractors abide by this rule through a non-disclosure agreement. 


We do not mislead consumers or search engine crawlers.

We do not display misleading facts or inaccurate information about our company or our client to redirect consumers or search engines to our website. We are truthful in relaying details of our firm and our client’s services, products, skills, training, certifications, resources, or anything else that may mislead others. 


We reserve the right to refuse projects with businesses that are political or controversial of any kind.

Tulumi does not associate its firm with businesses that run, manage, or promote political campaigns, drugs, gambling, pornography, sexually explicit business, and products and services that may be considered opportunistic. We reserve the right to choose a client that is a good fit with our agency’s core principles. 


We do not violate any published search engine rules or codes.

Our team works in accordance with Google’s and other search engine’s rules and guidelines. We keep ourselves informed of any changes to these rules so we can avoid potential violations. 

On behalf of the entire Tulumi team we promise to follow these SEO Code of Ethics and to continuously and diligently work to achieve the highest success rate possible for our clients. 

Deb Wallace, CEO