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Guidelines for Improving SEO for Real Estate Agents to Get More Clients

A strong real estate industry was a surprising but welcome surprise in 2021. Home prices across the country went up 24.8% year-over-year in June. What’s more, the millennial generation started investing in property. It’s unexpected as they were infamous for preferring to rent rather than buy their own home. This means real estate companies have to step up their game to meet the demands of this generation.

The millennial generation is digital-savvy. They’re comfortable with technology. They turn to the internet when they need something. Many realtors now have an online presence too. But a company website and a social media account aren’t enough. You need to learn SEO for real estate agents if you want your realty company to be successful.

What is SEO for Real Estate?

Real estate SEO is an optimization strategy. They help make your website and content easy to find online. The right moves will transform your brand into one of the most trusted and credible realty firms. You’ll also receive a higher amount of organic traffic. Your company will also rank high in search engines, thus making it easier for prospects to find.

Search engine optimization is a long process. It’s more than including real estate SEO keywords in your content. You have to develop a positive user experience that will meet your client’s demands. It also takes time and effort. You have to be consistent and patient.

Benefits of Using SEO in Real Estate

It’s a major advantage to be visible online. More real estate companies are putting their money in SEO because of this. But there are other benefits to using it. Here are some you can enjoy:

  • Increase Brand Awareness. High-quality content using SEO will help establish your company as an industry leader. People will trust you and think of your brand as the best source of information. Your market will trust you. This positive impression will help boost people’s awareness of you.
  • Boost Traffic and Profit. One of the most important benefits you’ll enjoy from a strong SEO plan is the increase in incoming traffic. You’ll also make contact with the right market if your content is interesting and has the right keywords. There’s also a good chance that this audience will become clients and add to your bottom line.
  • Safeguard Your Brand. Optimizing your content and website for search engines also protects your brand. You’ll be able to control your company’s image and how it’s represented online.

Quick Guideline When Developing a Real Estate SEO

  • Study the Competition

The real estate industry might be a small one, but it’s competitive. It’s become more intense now that the demand is greater than the supply. You should do a competitor search and analysis to find out who you’re up against. Study the competition once you’ve narrowed down your rivals. Study their content, their website, and pages. You can learn a lot from them and use that to develop a good strategy.

  • Analyze Your Keywords

Any real estate SEO expert will tell you that keywords are crucial to ranking in search engines. It’s vital that you know what keywords prospective clients will use when they search for a home. You also need to analyze the search volume for such words and the competition you’ll be facing for those words. You should invest in platforms that will help with keyword search and analysis.

You should also pay attention to long-tail keywords. They don’t always have a large search volume, but they open up a lot of opportunities. They’re very specific so there’s less competition. It also means people using these long keywords are more determined. They’re serious in their search.

  • Design Good Content Aimed at Your Market

A good SEO strategy aims to lead visitors to your website. Once they’re there, the prospective clients should see that you are the company they need. The right content will make it easier to draw people in. It’s why high-quality content should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Creating well-received content is tricky. It should have a keyword tailored for each web page. But too many keywords will do you more harm than good. It’s a balancing act that you should learn. It is best practice to use these words to educate your audience and keep their focus on a topic. Use your content to answer their search questions. Make sure you give them information your rivals cannot.

  • Conduct a Technical Audit of Your Website

A well-maintained website is also a critical part of real estate SEO services. Have an expert web developer check if your site’s optimized. You don’t want to lose potential customers because of a broken link. Your IT specialist will look at elements like –

  • Website structure
  • SSL certification (for website security)
  • Internal links and harmful backlinks
  • Duplicate content and URLs
  • Response codes (404, 401, 410 etc)
  • XML sitemaps

You should also check how responsive and quick your website is. A fast loading time is important these days. Studies show that people will leave a site if it takes more than 20 seconds to load. Your site’s hosting features should also be top-notch. It should become optimized for different screens, especially for smartphones.

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