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The Client

DigiCard is essentially an upgraded version of your traditional business card, only way better. It’s an interactive landing page that allows you to store all of your essential information — from contact details to appointment options, to products and services. What makes this electronic business card app so special is that you can share it by text, email, airdrop, or pretty much any other way you can think of.

Digicard - Case Studies | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Digicard - Social Media Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The Challenge

The company started creating digital business cards during the pandemic wherein the post-COVID-19 world, handshakes and handing out germy paper business cards are frowned upon. 

They relied on referrals and sales persons, but during this time, they thought it was best that they have an online avenue for presenting and selling their products. 

The problem was since they were a new company, they lacked brand awareness because they didn’t have online presence – no website, no SEO, and no social media.

ClientDigital Biz Card
Project DateJanuary 2021

Digicard Digital Marketing Solutions

Digicard wanted to reach more people, increase brand awareness, engage and talk with people on a personal level, and have customers purchase Digicards conveniently. 

Tulumi came into the picture in the early stages of Digicard’s digital marketing plan. With their objectives and goals intact, we prepared a digital strategy that included web development and design, SEO, and social media marketing. 

For web development, we decided to create an e-commerce website that would not only contain information and sample digicards, it would also provide an easy, stress free check out process for the consumer.  We went with a design that is very minimalist to highlight the designs of each Digicard. The layout and format of the web pages also showed the brand’s personality – simple, organized, dependable. 

Our work didn’t stop after the website was created.  Our web developers implemented UX design best practices too – easy navigation, fast loading speed, and mobile optimization. 

Our SEO experts conducted keyword research and competitor analysis as part of the SEO strategies. 

While other teams were working on the website, our social media team created Digicard accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With these channels we posted regular content, engaged with customers, and managed paid ads that drove customers to the Digicard website. 

Digicard Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Digicard - Social Media Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Digicard - Social Media Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Digicard - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The Outcome

Coming up with a digital marketing strategy allowed Digicard to decrease their monthly marketing budget. This allowed them to allot the extra budget on other company expenses. Their online presence is now stronger with a fully-functional website, active social media accounts, and paid advertising. 

To this day, we’re continuously helping out with the strategy and execution of Digicard’s digital marketing campaigns. We maintain and manage their social media channels, and monitor their SEO performance to ensure their continuous flow of customers to their website. 







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