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Building A Landscape Legacy The Online Presence It Deserves

From A Household Name To A Local Service Brand Google Recognizes
Landscape Improvements - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The Client

Landscape Improvements has been in business since 1992. This family-owned and operated company offers exceptional landscaping and lawn care services to commercial and residential properties in Central Florida.

The Challenge

Landscape Improvements sources new clients through traditional marketing, including print, direct mail, phone, and word-of-mouth referrals. These conventional lead generation methods have kept their business running for nearly three decades now.

However, since the start of the pandemic, Landscape Improvements felt a strong need to switch to digital marketing. Since people have stayed inside their homes, word-of-mouth and print materials were no longer as effective as before in generating new leads.

Without a digital presence, Landscape Improvements was nothing but a company name people could not verify online.

ClientLandscape Improvements
Project DateApril 2021

Landscape Improvements Digital Marketing Solutions

Landscape Improvements had started building its website with basic pages but realized it needed an expert to develop a website optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

Before delving into website development, Tulumi did extensive research on keywords that the company could rank for. We’ve listed all the services they offer and the specific locations they cater to. Our content strategy included creating web pages for each service and location to target local SEO.

As for the website design, we went with a smartly organized approach that reflects their brand personality – a traditional, professional, and approachable family-owned business.

Great photographs do speak a thousand words, especially for landscaping companies. We wanted to showcase a yard’s potential, so we used high-quality images throughout the website.

A gallery section is also in place so clients can easily browse through project photos and design inspiration.

Landscape Improvements Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Landscape Improvements - Social Media Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Request A Quote | Landscape Improvements

Along with stunning images, the website is also filled with information about the company. It even includes specific services and their processes. Aside from explaining what services Landscape Improvements offers, we also compelled people to take action by placing effective calls to action such as Contact Us and Request a Quote. We also put a concise “Request a Quote” form in the middle of the homepage and on every service page for easy access.

We did not design the website for a one-time visit. Instead, it is a platform where content is made to be explored. The blog section regularly updates industry information about landscaping and lawn care, including DIY tips and hacks.

To fully optimize the website, our web development team made sure it is mobile-responsive, has fast loading speed, and easy navigation.

Once the website was live, our social media team set up social media accounts for Landscape Improvements. This is to boost their brand awareness and brand affinity. We chose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, with Facebook as their primary social media account.

We ran different ads on FB to expand their social reach and support our organic efforts in attracting leads and converting users.

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The Outcome

Our client understands that more and more people use their phones and computers to research companies they want to work with, so having a solid website presence is crucial.

With an optimized website and active social media accounts, it will be easier for Landscape Improvements to target local audiences. Shifting to digital marketing also freed up a big chunk of their advertising budget for other expenses such as better equipment.

We’re happy to say that with Landscape Improvements’ new website features, including a clickable phone number, request a quote form, social media links, and a practical and logical menu, we’ve put everything right at the fingertips of their target audience.

You can view the website here.