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Well Health Works - Case Studies

Well Health Works - Social Media Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Well Health Works - Mobile Responsive Website | Tulumi Digital Marketing

The Client

Well Health Works is a mobile on-site healthcare provider focused on providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to improve employee engagement and overall health and well-being.

Well Health Works has been in the business of creating happier companies for over 65 years. Its medical wellness programs have resulted in an increase in employee productivity and a healthier workplace. Because of their unparalleled customer service their existing clients were long-time customers.

The Challenge

Being in the business for a long time, Well Health Works was known by many companies. However, when you searched for them online, you could only find an outdated website. Their social media accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, were basically nonexistent, with less than a handful of followers.

Their website contained only one page for all the services that they offered along with a simple contact us page. Their social media accounts did not have regular posts.

Although they had several primary digital marketing platforms, these were not fully optimized. Any new client who would check their online presence could not easily find information about their services and may feel they are not a reliable healthcare provider.

As a result, Well Health Works was not getting enough website visitors or any new clients.

ClientWell Health Works
Project DateMay 2021

Well Health Work - Digital Marketing Solutions

Tulumi created an innovative, informative, and high-quality healthcare website design to increase the company’s visibility and strengthen its online presence.

What was once a mundane, outdated homepage now looks modern and interactive. The website maintains a clean and straightforward information architecture. The navigation menu only has six primary links and a contrasting button for its Employer Log-in. Their contact information which used to be displayed only in the footer, is now proudly displayed at the top.

Well Health Work - Digital Marketing Solutions | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Well Health Works - Case Studies | Tulumi Digital Marketing
Well Health Works - Web Design | Tulumi Digital Marketing

We also made sure that the website banner hosts 2 CTA buttons leading to more information about the company and its services. Since we wanted this website to be a source of sales conversion, we made sure to place the contact form on the banner as well.

We noticed that in their old website, there are no images and colors to engage the viewer. With the new one, we maintained high-quality photos throughout the website, from the header to the service sections.

The consistent use of deep, vibrant shades of blue in the website design helps to promote optimism and professionalism. This was particularly effective in promoting a feeling of well-being and health.

Our content strategy did not end at creating engaging service pages; we also made sure to provide the client’s audience with well-written health-related content. Subjects range from wellness programs to common health conditions in the workforce and vaccine information.

We understand that medical patients sought testimonials for more sources of information, so providing a space for this on the homepage was a must-have. Moreover, these testimonials offer comfort to prospective patients and credibility to Well Health Works as their healthcare provider.

Our content plan was just a small part of our entire SEO strategy. Our SEO checklist also included extensive keywords research, optimizing images and meta tags, improving loading speed, and regular website audits.

Off-page, our SEO experts work on listing Well Health Works on relevant business directories and building backlinks to the website.

The Outcome

The new website of Well Health Works was just recently published. We believe that the new design demonstrates what a healthcare website should be.

With this website update, we are able to create a better user experience for anyone visiting the Well Health Works’ website.

Now with an active social media account, internet users seeking information can easily find what they are looking for online. Overall, the digital solutions promote brand loyalty for Well Health Works. In addition, with our primary emphasis on SEO, in just a few short months we are seeing a rise in organic traffic and incoming leads.

Well Health Works - Web Design | Tulumi Digital Marketing







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