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Top Digital Marketing Trends for the Construction Industry

The pandemic slowed down the construction industry’s momentum last year. But contractors are ready to make up for lost time this year. Despite the limitations caused by COVID, the housing market was quite robust. This is now expected to continue in 2022. Many developers are working extra hard to meet the demand of millions of housing units.

The design and construction industry has always been competitive. But general contractors are expecting it to become even more intense this year. The ongoing health and economic crisis are changing the industry. The latest technological innovations are also shaping the landscape. One thing you should expect is the continued rise of digital marketing.

These latest digital marketing trends will prove to be valuable to your company. Take them into account when planning your marketing strategy. It will keep you in the game.

Content Remains the Key

Marketing trends might come and go, but the content is still the king. Statistics show 90% of companies are using content marketing. It is their key marketing strategy. Social media marketing is crucial to this as well.

What is social media marketing? This is the use of websites and social media platforms to promote a service or a product. It’s one of the top digital marketing trends in the construction industry. The content used in social media marketing comes in various forms.

They can be blog posts and podcasts. Infographics and video tutorials are also popular. The construction industry is better served with the latter two. They’re catchy and informative.

Where you post your content and how often are also critical. Facebook and Instagram remain the top social media platforms. Pinterest is also a great tool for construction companies. It’s why you should brush up on your Pinterest marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Remains Relevant

Email blasts have been a staple in the marketing strategies of small businesses. And it will remain so in the foreseeable future. It’s an effective way of growing your base and taking care of leads. It also helps you keep in contact with current clients. A short email is enough to introduce new offerings and emphasize existing deals. You can also update clients and remind people about your brand.

Personalized emails will be one of the top digital marketing trends. This is especially useful in the construction industry. Consumers today don’t like generic emails. They want personalized messages with content they will find useful. Look at how Netflix does its email blasts. They only don’t address the recipient by name. But the videos they recommend are also based on the user’s preference.

You can adapt this to your construction business. For instance, you can send a client a monthly newsletter about industry updates. You can also send your mailing list emails every week. They can be about special deals, discounts, or contests you’re sponsoring.

Paid Ads Will Pave the Way

Google and major social media platforms like Facebook have robust targeting tools. The best Orlando SEO services will tell you to use these features. They’ll also say you should allot a good part of your marketing budget to ad targeting and paid ads.

Companies can pay top social media platforms to have their ads appear on a specific user’s newsfeed. These platforms have powerful targeting tools. They let you expand or narrow down your demographic. You can do this based on your prospect’s location, user preferences, income, or job.

The precise audience selection will ensure you reach the market that matters. For instance, you can start with geo-targeting. The platform will then show your ad to people inside the location you chose. This means the people who will see your ads are the ones you can reach fast and provide your service. This will help your company save time and money.

Optimization is Key

If you’re pondering how to get traffic to your website fast, look at how fast your site is. Your company’s website is the hub of all your digital marketing strategies. It’s why you have to spend resources to ensure it has a compelling and well-thought-out design. It should also be fast and responsive. You only have seconds to pique a consumer’s interest. If your website takes too long to load, you can kiss that prospect goodbye.

Check that your business site is always optimized for easy access to information. The client or prospect should be able to find critical information. Your contact details, business hours, services, and product listings must be there. This information should be on every page of your website. One way to do this is to add key page links to your website’s header.

Video Marketing is Gold

Video is and will remain a goldmine for the foreseeable future. People love visuals. It’s why YouTube is the go-to channel when you want to learn something. It’s also the reason behind the popularity of infographics. You actually remember information faster when you see it than when you read it.

The construction industry has embraced video marketing in all its forms. It’s also expected to push the envelope further this year. You can use video to share testimonials or to show a walkthrough of a project that you’re doing. It’s actually how the construction and housing market thrived in 2020. Consumers couldn’t go out. But they can still do virtual tours or watch product demonstrations.

You can also integrate video in your other marketing strategies, like webinars. You can record a webinar you conducted, post it on your page, and voila! You have new content and a reliable lead generator.

Are you ready to use these digital marketing trends? You should also read this post on paid media and how to make it work.

A Final Word

Make your presence known with Tulumi Digital Marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency in Orlando. We specialize in helping small businesses hit their mark and grow. Our team of experts can help design your website. We can also plan your social media marketing strategy. We also offer online reputation management. Call us at +1 (800) 481-1720 or drop us a line at

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Deb Wallace


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