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What’s New on Social? | February 2021 Roundup

In this installment of our social media round, Instagram released a Professional Dashboard for creators, TikTok enforces content accuracy, YouTube enabled child-viewing activity, LinkedIn is developing a new platform for freelancers, and Twitter introduced Twemojis. 

Here’s your monthly social media roundup:

Professional Dashboard for Instagram Creators

Credit: Instagram for Business Website 

As more and more influencers and celebrities use Instagram to share new content, this social media giant introduced another groundbreaking tool for their dear creators.

Here comes Instagram’s “Professional Dashboard.” Instagram released this new tool to help small businesses and creators improve their content to drive more people to join Instagram.

The Professional Dashboard aims to turn every creator’s dream into reality by providing performance tracking, business growth, and educational resources.

Instagram states that most of the features found in the dashboard already exist on Instagram. 

However, the social media giant believes that bringing these features in one place can make things easier for their creators.

TikTok Tightens Content Accuracy, Misinformation

TikTok has been around for quite some time. However, this video-sharing gained a boost in popularity during the pandemic.

With more people across all age groups joining TikTok, the social media company is now looking into content accuracy and misinformation.

According to Gina Hernandez, product manager at TikTok, the social media company has received reports about misinformed and false content.

Hernandez further stated that they have identified the problems and have partnered with PolitiFact, LeadStories, and SciVerify to flag inaccurate content.

Now, the users who want to share flagged videos will receive a warning saying, “Caution: Video flagged for unverified content.” The creator of the video will also receive a warning.

However, despite the warning, users may continue sharing the video by clicking ‘Share Anyway.’ Being a platform that encourages creativity, TikTok urges everyone to be mindful of the site’s content.

YouTube Enables Child Viewing Monitoring for Parents

Both for the young and old, YouTube has become an entertainment haven.

Now that most children are adept at browsing YouTube at a young age, the video streaming site released a new feature to help parents monitor their children’s viewing activity.

James Beser, director of product management, kids, and family, said that YouTube has worked with parents across the globe to create a safe viewing environment for kids.

Through a supervised Google account, parents can now select three viewing levels for their kids: Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube.

Explore is the viewing level for kids who are ready to move on from YouTube Kids. Content will include vlogs, gaming videos, educational content, and many more.

Explore More is suitable for a viewing audience of 13 years old and up. It will contain more videos than Explore.

Lastly, Most of Explore More includes almost everything found on YouTube except for age-restricted content and sensitive topics not suitable for teens.

LinkedIn Develops ‘Marketplaces’ for Freelancers

When the pandemic changed the way companies conduct business, many people discovered the benefits of freelancing.

LinkedIn announced that they’re in the works for a platform for freelancers to help people get more jobs amid this global crisis. They called it “Marketplaces.”

With the hope to capitalize on freelancing, LinkedIn plans to release this new platform by September this year.

This Microsoft-owned social media site hopes to bring more employment opportunities to people affected by the pandemic.

Marketplaces will start with jobs like software development, design, and marketing. LinkedIn is hopeful to bring in more services on the site.

Twitter Announces’ Twemoji,’ a New Visual Tool for Fleets

Credit: Twemoji Website 

After releasing Fleets as its own version of Stories, this social media giant has released another feature that competes with Stories.

Twemoji, Twitter’s remake of emojis, is another groundbreaking feature in social media sites. 

Though the app is not the first in these features, Twemojis on Fleets goes eye-to-eye with Snapchat’s Stories and Bitmoji.

However, the presence of augmented reality (AR) effects on Twitter’s Fleets is not yet available, unlike on Instagram and Snapchat.

AR filters are a possibility for Fleets soon. For now, netizens are on the lookout for Twemojis’ user impact.

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