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10 Email Marketing Statistics that Work for HVAC Businesses

Email marketing is an extremely effective way to increase the number of leads you get, no matter what business you are in. For those in the HVAC industry though, this strategy may seem like a new one. 

Many companies still prefer the traditional way of marketing – flyers, word of mouth, and cold calling. In the US, only half of 105,000 HVAC companies even have a website. And not all of them utilize email marketing as their main digital solution.

While email marketing is practically an old digital strategy, its relevance still remains today. Check out these 10 email marketing statistics that every HVAC contractor should know. 

Stat #1: Email Is Used Widely in the World

Two years ago, there were about 3.9-billion people that use email around the world. This is expected to grow to a whopping 4.3-billion users in 2023. This means that half of the world’s entire population will be using email at that time. 

This statistic is a solid piece of evidence that email marketing will stay relevant for a long time. It’s safe to assume that everyone uses email right now for different purposes. The conventional paper-based mail is still being used these days, but it’s more on formality than a necessity.

Stat #2: Billions of Emails Are Sent Daily 

In 2019 alone, a staggering 293.6-billion emails were sent and received daily. Yes, you read that right. That number is impossible to comprehend, but it’s regularly happening as we speak. This means that people rely more on emails to communicate and interact with each other. 

Email campaigns are a huge part of this statistic although there’s no exact number. Just check your inbox and count how many promotional emails, and newsletters you receive daily.

Stat #3: It Offers a Good ROI 

Part of the reason why email marketing is still a popular choice for marketers is a good return on investment (ROI). You’ll surely reap what you sow especially if your email marketing is well-executed. 

Based on statistics, for every dollar you spend on your email marketing campaign, you can estimate an average return of $40 to $45. If you’re a small business, then it’s a solution that fits right into your budget.

Stat #4: Email Marketing Aids Businesses’ Growth

Email is still the undisputed source of customer acquisition and retention for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 81% of SMEs depend a lot on email marketing as their main channel to acquire customers while 80% of SMEs prefer emails for their customer retention campaign. 

Despite the advent of social media a decade ago, email marketing did not end up being a lesser choice for businesses. Studies have shown that email marketing is still the top choice for businesses while social media comes in second.

Stat #5: Invite Emails Aren’t Dumped Instantly

You might be surprised, but invite emails have a high open-rate. Open rate is a clear sign that your email marketing campaign is working out well. It represents the number of email recipients that opened your email instead of putting it straight to their trash bins.  

In 2017, about 82% of welcome emails were opened which means that a lot of people are interested to know what you offer. Take advantage of this stat by creating an effective email campaign to help grow your audience. 

With a very high open rate of welcome emails, you can easily include important information that interests your audience.

Stat #6: Customized Emails Are More Effective

Email customization is effective according to statistics. About 60% of open rates are generated for customized email subject lines. So, get rid of those canned subject lines and messages and start personalizing your emails. 

Although it requires a lot of effort, you can personalize these three important pieces of information on the email. This information includes the recipient’s name, the reward offer and copy, images, and location.  

Stat #7: Deserted Cart Email Can Be Converted 

Deserted carts or abandoned carts are items that weren’t checked out because the person left them for whatever reasons. A lot of consumers do this when they shop online where they just add items to their cart and only check out a few. 

Even an HVAC company like yours can work around a scenario like a deserted cart email, especially if you’re also selling HVAC products. According to stats, 69% of these deserted carts are reclaimable. This means that you can send a reminder email to customers so they can complete their purchase.

Stat #8: Interactive Emails Increases Click Rates 

Email marketing also requires user engagement for it to be effective. Online marketers these days have found a way to increase click rates by ten folds through interactive email content. 

Adding images, videos, GIFs, memes, and other cool stuff in the email marketing template led to a staggering 300% increase in click rates. This is from the data gathered in 2017 by Martech Advisor. Email marketers also incorporate digital menus, slides, and infographics for visual appeal.

Stat #9: Consumers Want To Receive Emails From You

In 2049, 60% of consumers revealed that they want to receive advertising emails from their preferred brands regularly. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, they want to get updates from their favorite brands. 

This means that a lot of people love to hear news from your brand. This also means that they are willing to communicate with you through email. So, never forget to respond to your potential clients if ever they reply to your emails. 

Stat #10: Emails Are Your Way To Mobile Users 

While many users open emails through laptops or computers, 65% of marketing-related emails are opened on smartphones according to IBM’s 2019 statistics. 

With that in mind, you must optimize your email campaigns for mobile use. You can do this by checking the length of your subject line. Always use pre-header text while keeping your copy concise. Keep your call-to-actions centered, leave some clicking room, and always test your emails on different mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

With these stats, we know for sure that email marketing will remain relevant and useful longer than you can imagine. 

Are you ready to jump on email marketing service and put your HVAC company to the next level? Contact Tulumi Digital Marketing Orlando today. Let’s get your email campaign rolling.


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