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Top 5 Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 came and went. No matter what sentiments we have about the past year, there’s no denying that it impacted every aspect of marketing as we know it. Businesses switched their models to cater to stay-at-home customers, marketing messages were tweaked in light of the pandemic, and other necessary changes were effected. 

Now that we’re in 2021, what digital marketing trends should we expect? 

Well first, we need to take a closer look at how the global pandemic has reshaped consumer behavior. Not to sound alarmist, but it’s probably safe to say that the effects of Covid-19 on consumer behavior have been significant and enduring. 

Smart businesses and marketers will tweak their approach and make both short- and long-term changes, not just to their marketing messages, but also to how they sell their products and services. 

With that in mind, our top 5 marketing trends include:

1. Renewed focus on value-based pricing and messaging.

Brands need to pay more attention to how they market their products and services. The main focus must be on value proposition delivered with genuine care. It’s no longer enough to just put your messages out there and hope people come running. You need to be able to address their needs directly and more importantly, deliver exactly what you said you would. 

Today’s consumers have very little patience and will not hesitate to decimate your brand through unfavorable comments and reviews if it doesn’t measure up. So before you go about extolling the virtues of your product or service, make sure it provides actual value. 

2. Digital business pivots may be here to stay. 

Many consumers are used to this new reality of social distancing and getting everything from food and water to other necessities delivered right to their homes. Don’t expect this trend to change just because it’s a new year. In fact, if anything, this trend will only evolve as more and more people figure out ways to work remotely. 

For businesses, this means utilizing these insights to inform their marketing strategies in 2021. For example, virtual events and webinars have grown dramatically over the last few months and are likely to become a mainstay of marketing in the new normal. 

3. Social media will no longer be used for just brand discovery, but for purchases too.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for consumers to not just discover brands on their channels but make direct purchases too without ever having to leave the platform. 

As such, social media marketing has basically expanded its scope beyond a space for brand awareness and audience engagements. As a business owner, it’s on you to use your social channels to create a seamless, simple path to direct purchase. 

4. Voice and “near me” searches are the new normal. 

Because most people are spending their time in their homes now, it makes sense that if they have to go out, they would favor establishments that are closest to them. As such, we can expect that “near me” searches are a trend that will redefine the marketing landscape for years to come. 

Most of these searches will also likely be performed via voice search. Think about it —  the user just sits in their home and asks Siri or whatever digital assistant works with their smartphone, to find a restaurant or grocery delivery service near them. Your business must be optimized for these “near me” searches. 

5. Brands will be expected to take a stand on social issues. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic was the main story of 2020, it’s also important to remember that the year was full of riots and demonstrations against various forms of injustice and other social issues. The world is waking up and demanding more from governments and organizations. It won’t be long until they start to look to brands to take a stand too. 

Admittedly this is a tricky spot to be in and playing neutral is often the safe way to go. However, it may not be enough to watch from the sidelines anymore. Brands need to find a way to align their core values with social issues that matter to their audiences. Customers are asking for more and you cannot afford to be quiet. 

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Deb Wallace | CEO | Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb Wallace


Deb Wallace brings a dynamic career in mobile and internet marketing. She remains on the industry’s cutting edge for technology and innovation driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and relationships. She carries with her a vast knowledge in the e-commerce marketplace as well as extensive experience in the online payment processing industry.

Deb is exceptionally well organized with a track record that demonstrates creativity, tenacity, and initiative in achieving both personal and business goals. She is currently focused on providing multiple locations for the company.


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