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Top Marketing Book Every Contractor Should Read

Contractors today have their work cut out for them. Businesses are facing more challenges than ever before. They have to keep customers and engage new ones. They have to remain relevant and remain a step ahead of their competitors.

The right marketing strategy has never been more important. As a contractor, you have to use a mix of traditional and digital marketing techniques. There’s no standard marketing book every contractor should read. But there are many books that will tell you what you need to learn to succeed in today’s market.

Why Reading Makes You a Better Marketer

Books on marketing will give you crucial insight into a lot of issues. For instance, you’ll learn what is personal branding. You might also learn how to get traffic to your website fast. You will need them to become better at your job. Here’s how that happens:

  • Your communication skills will improve. Reading teaches a person to speak to different types of people on their own level. You’ll learn the best way to say things according to a specific context. This is crucial when you’re talking to a client. You don’t want to say something and be misunderstood. This can ruin a good working relationship.
  • Reading introduces different viewpoints. One of the best things about literature is it exposes you to people from other backgrounds. It will help you relate to different people. You’ll be able to deal with difficult customers since you can see the issue from their viewpoint. Reading will also teach you to approach a problem from another angle and come up with a unique solution.
  • You can find inspiration in books. Reading broadens your horizons. The influx of various ideas can inspire you. New ideas are necessary for every business, and you can find them by reading a lot.

Marketing Books You Should Read

There are still a lot of things you can learn as a marketer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for a decade or a year. If you want to improve your social media strategy or generate more leads, you can find the answer in a book. Here’s what you should have on your shelves.

  • Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

Marketing guru Seth Godin shares his wisdom in this compelling read. The book will appeal to marketers and contractors alike. It discusses his groundbreaking idea of permission marketing. The author talks about building trust and strong relationships. He also explains how the two are critical to a successful marketing campaign.

  • This is Marketing: They Shouldn’t See You Until You Learn to See

Seth Godin returns with more valuable marketing insights. This is a good book for marketers of all levels. You can learn the fundamental skills you’ll need to be an effective marketer. The writer also reveals some tips and tricks of the trade. Who knows? You might think of some new Pinterest marketing strategies with this book.

  • Robert Cialdini’s Books on Influence and Persuasion

Expert marketers will swear on the effectiveness of Cialdini’s tomes. The author has published two bestselling books. You should start with Influence: Science and Practice. The book explains why people choose certain products and services. The author’s ideas have support from research and empirical data.

You should follow up Influence with The Psychology of Persuasion. This second book explains the six key principles of influence and persuasion. You’ll learn how to use these concepts in your business. It also tells you how to recognize the way other brands persuade their prospects.

  • The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Kabani

Social media is a strong force of change, but many people are still at odds with social media marketing. The Zen of Social Media Marketing is an apt title. It answers the question – “what is social media marketing?” The author also did a good job explaining how to connect and engage customers online.

The book also provides pointers on how to build credibility and increase sales. Contractors can also learn how to generate buzz online. You can even pick up some Instagram marketing tips.

  • Contractor Marketing Simplified by Martin Holsinger

Contractor Marketing Simplified first saw print in 2016. But it’s still relevant today as it was when it was first published. This book is one of the best ones for a home building contractor. The author touches on the best ways to develop an online presence. It’s a crucial aspect to ensure more sales.

The author was a residential contractor. That background gives him a unique insight into the business. He explains how to use online technology and marketing together. The author breaks down how to grow your business in a down-to-earth manner. This makes it easier to read.

  • Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Change is inevitable. Companies must be agile or they’re left behind. As a “leader” or manager, you should know how to shift. This popular book will show you how to adapt and grow with every change. The author shares his own experience. He recounts the 11 shifts he experienced to be where he is now.

Are you ready to add to your personal library? You should also read this post on e-commerce marketing strategies.

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