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Best Ways to Use Digital Real Estate Marketing to Boost Sales

Being a real estate agent is a great career choice. You set your own hours, have direct control of your income, meet new people, and see fantastic homes. You don’t even have to be a college graduate to be an effective realtor. With all the changes happening in the industry, an effective digital marketer helps.

Digital marketing is the application of various marketing strategies through the internet. Think of the times you send email newsletters to clients or post content on your blog. These are examples of digital marketing.Digital Real Estate Marketing | Tulumi Digital Marketing

There are many benefits to learning digital marketing for real estate agents.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is to ensure you have a strong presence in the market. 33% of buyers were able to find their dream homes with the help of a realtor. With digital marketing, you can become that person they need.

Since there are now hundreds of real estate agents and realty companies, it is harder to compete. The right digital real estate marketing strategy can improve your odds significantly.

5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Boost Sales

Build the Best Website

Having the best website is important in becoming a credible and serious realtor. Unless you’re a real tech savant, you should leave website development to a professional. But make sure you work together with your web designer to ensure that your site reflects your values.

Consumers today are very particular about the sites they visit. For one, it has to be responsive. People lose interest in a site if it takes longer than 10 seconds to load. It should also be easy to navigate. Back in 2019,48% of web pages were viewed on mobile devices. Those numbers might have doubled by now.

Your website should not be hard to navigate. Buyers must find updated listings, good photos, working links, and your contact details. Your contact information must be on every page. Consider adding a live chat feature so you can engage with customers.

Launch an Email Nurture Campaign

An email campaign is one of the best ways realtors can use digital marketing to boost sales. It’s an invaluable tool as it connects you to new leads and helps you remain relevant with previous clients.

Create a campaign that connects you with clients. This data is from past interactions and their profiles.

Post-High-Value Blog Content

Build your online reputation through your blog. This is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

But posting every day is not enough. Your post must have value. This means it should be informative and helpful to the person reading. As a realtor, you can use your blog to answer the questions home buyers always ask. You can even give advice on selling a home or share the latest design trends. The more valuable your content is, the higher the odds are of it becoming shared on social media.

Conduct Virtual Tours

Videos have become an integral part of our lives. It’s also one of the most effective ways realtors can use digital marketing to boost sales.

People are visual creatures. We’re attracted to pictures and we keep information better when it’s delivered in a visual manner. You can leverage this need via a virtual tour of a home. It will give the prospective homeowner a sense of what the property has to offer them. It also allows you to point out relevant details. It also gives them a sense of ownership since they’re seeing the possibilities of the space. What’s more, a virtual tour is safe and convenient, which is a must during the pandemic.

Don’t use digital illustrations in your tour. The best practice is to use real footage for authenticity. Design it for 3D and make it interactive and responsive. It should also be easy to navigate and optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing.

Mentor through Webinar

You want to build up your reputation as an expert in real estate. One effective way is to share your expertise through online workshops and webinars. They are easy to set up and allow you to connect to a large audience. By teaching what you know and talking about your experiences, you’ll become more relevant. You’ll also become more renowned. These name recalls will help in generating inbound leads.

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Real Estate Marketing

  • Check out your rivals. You need to know how your real estate SEO stacks up against other companies. Study your competitor’s strategies. Look at their strengths and weaknesses. What aspects are they better at? Which areas are they ignoring? Let’s say they have a strong Instagram presence but don’t have webinars or virtual tours. You can try bolstering your social media presence. But make sure you also strike out in the avenues they ignored. If they don’t have a webinar, organize a monthly one or do a weekly podcast.
  • Be true to your values. A good organization is authentic. They strive to remain true to their vision, mission, and values. Nike and Ford are two good examples of this. Your marketing strategy and messaging should reflect your core beliefs. This will help you stand out more than following a trend almost everyone is doing.
  • Assess your content. Make it a habit to conduct a content gap analysis. This will show you which content did well for your competitor and which ones didn’t. Use the results to your advantage. Take the topics that did well and update them with new details. Or you can put a unique twist to it. The analysis will also tell you which subjects or methods you should ignore for the moment.
  • Strive for content that’s easy to share. Whether it’s curated or something you created, make sure it’s content people will want to share. It’s the best way for your brand to have an impact and to enjoy organic traffic.
  • Leverage new channels. Don’t limit yourself to SEO or social media. There are other digital channels you can use to connect to your audience. You should also be open to new and emerging technologies. For instance, check out augmented and virtual reality. Interest in NFT drops is also rising.

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It’s Time to Make Your Presence Known

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Deb Wallace | CEO | Digital Marketing Services | Tulumi Digital Marketing

Deb Wallace


Deb Wallace brings a dynamic career in mobile and internet marketing. She remains on the industry’s cutting edge for technology and innovation driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and relationships. She carries with her a vast knowledge in the e-commerce marketplace as well as extensive experience in the online payment processing industry.

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