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Why Senior Living Still Struggles With Digital Marketing

Marketing in the senior living industry was already challenging before COVID-19, but the pandemic made things worse. Sales virtually dried up as many silver communities were forced to close their doors. Generating leads came to a standstill as those looking for a solution to their senior living problem had to pause and wait for the situation to ease.

The world is pushing forward, and industries have shown that digital marketing can be powerful if utilized correctly. But it seems like many communities catering to the older members of our society are left behind.

Let’s find out why senior living still struggles with digital marketing.

What Is Assisted Living?

As the term implies, assisted living is a type of residential housing developed for individuals who require personal and medical care. It typically caters to seniors. Senior living facilities usually have a home-like feel to them, and residents can choose to have an individual room or a shared space. Some even have apartments. They are designed to encourage independence among the elderly residents but with additional services to assist them. Top senior living companies can provide services like daily meals, medication monitoring, 24/7 emergency care, and recreational activities.

Why Senior Living Still Struggles with Digital Marketing

Because of Covid-19, many facilities struggle with low occupancy rates, staffing, and reputation management. There were also concerns about the cost of assisted living. 

One report claimed a 27% drop in initial tours due to the lockdown. And even when things eased up, fewer prospects wanted to check facilities in person.

A virtual tour can easily sidestep that concern, but many senior care providers are slow on the uptake. Most of these communities are still clinging to traditional marketing strategies and are not incorporating digital strategies.

Meanwhile, the digital strategies that are employed are not generating enough interest. This is due to inefficiency and lack of experience. According to experts, senior living marketers are not engaging the right audience. They are also unfamiliar with the best ways to use the various digital channels. What they should do is focus on the seniors themselves and their loved ones.

Tactics to Improve Your Senior Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies for a senior living must be fluid now.  Here are some of the best ways to market your senior living facility.

Upgrade your website

You want a classy, warm, and professional-looking website since it’s the center of your online presence. Engage the services of a professional to ensure that you have a clean, easy-to-read interface that’s optimized for all screens. Your website should load fast, have working links, and has your contact details.

Create a solid social media strategy 

A strong social media presence will make it easier to interact with your audience. Use the various platforms to communicate with prospective residents.  Facebook is a good medium since it is popular with the older generation. Meanwhile, many Gen Xers are on Instagram and Twitter. While they might not be moving into senior homes soon, their parents are, and some might even be making plans for themselves.

Find prospective residents using local SEO

People looking for senior care facilities want to be close to their loved ones. You can lead them to use the facility with a good SEO strategy. Get your company’s name in those local searches by opening a Google My Business account. You should also join online directories and make sure listings have your current NAP.

Open new channels of communication

There are so many ways to reach your demographic. You can set up Zoom meetings, go on Facebook Live, or host online events and invite qualified speakers.

Use the power of video

It’s easier to capture interest with compelling visuals. People also retain information better if they receive it via video.  This medium is also ideal now that our movement is limited. Conduct virtual tours of your facilities. Share heartwarming stories of your residents or staff.

Did the article help you understand why senior living still struggles with digital marketing? If you’d like to learn more, you’ll find our post on growing your brand through social media.

Before You Go

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Deb Wallace


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