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Community Management

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Community Management | Tulumi Digital Marketing

What Is Social Media Community Management?

A community consists of your existing customers, potential audiences, and everyone who engages with your brand online. This includes all your customers on each social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Tulumi’s community management services include:

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Monitoring and keeping track of online topics or conversations that relate to your brand. By doing this, we’re able to learn about your target audience’s interests, identify which influencers we can tap, and engage with existing customers.

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Your online reputation is very important to your brand. Nearly 89% of consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products (Trustpilot, 2020). Checking for both negative and positive comments and feedback and making sure they are acknowledged and replied to.

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It’s good for audiences to know your brand personality. We show this by interacting with people on social platforms. We create content that stir up conversations between your brand and your customers. Creating a poll and asking random questions related to your brand to show authenticity. When customers get to know you and like your brand, it encourages positive reviews

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Measuring and analyzing data based on your most active social platforms. Regular reporting and making sure we meet your expectations like brand awareness, drive site traffic, or maintaining your reputation. With our social media marketing services, we provide performance reports and expert recommendations that help you see the results of our community management services.

What Does The Top Social Media Management Agency Do?

Social media plays a significant role in today’s society. It has become a place for businesses like you to get more customers. It is also a platform to build your reputation. However, your image in social media can either make or break you. That’s why you need expert social media management services.

Our professional social media management agency can help you build a good online reputation. We can also help you advertise your products and attract more customers. Aside from being a social advertising agency, we also offer other services like website development and SEO. At Tulumi, we aim to help small businesses leverage the power of social media.

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Why Let Tulumi Manage Your Social Media?

Managing social media is a long-term commitment. It’s not something that you only look after every now and then. However, assigning someone within your business to manage social media is either a hit or miss. If you don’t want to waste resources, Florida’s top social media marketing agency – Tulumi can do the work for you.

Once you’ve built an online community on social media, there’s no going back. You have to foster them and establish a relationship with them. It’s best to work with a social media marketing agency that has experience handling communities.

Our Social Media Marketing Packages For Small Businesses | Tulumi Digital Marketing


Social media marketing packages for small businesses differ per agency. However, at Tulumi, we want every dollar to be worth it. That’s why we always include Facebook community management in our packages. Considering that Facebook and other social networking sites have community rules and guidelines, we ensure that your posts and social media activities comply with these rules without sacrificing creativity and aesthetics.

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With all honesty, you can handle this stuff on your own. There are thousands of videos online that’ll teach you how to manage social media campaigns. However, at Tulumi, we’ve invested hours of labor, hired highly skilled individuals, studied hundreds of resources, and built a solid knowledge base to offer social networking and advertising services.

We can always lend our expertise to help your business grow. There really isn’t any comparison between our experience as a social media marketing agency versus DIY. Both are feasible, but ask yourself, “Which option would likely succeed?”

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Tulumi’s social media marketing specialists are equipped with the necessary skills to help your business grow. Aside from technical skills, we can also handle decision-making situations regarding digital brand management and marketing. However, beyond all of these, our specialists are client-centered, and we want to involve you in every decision point.

No More Searching For Local Social Media Marketing Near You

If you’ve searched “social media marketing companies near me,” the search ends here. Tulumi is now the local social media marketing company you’ve been looking for. We are focus and goal-driven, and we aim to give you the service you deserve. Let’s jumpstart your social media accounts and call us today!


Allowing A Two-way Communication Between Your Brand And Your Customers

Our community management strategy has worked with our clients tremendously. We’re here to help you be proactive and engage with your customers online. From driving customers to site, to responding to both positive and negative feedback, conversing with your audience to making sure they’re happy, trust that we can do the work for you. Like how we did with these happy clients:

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Guest Blogging - Well Health Works | Tulumi Digital Marketing

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