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Digital Marketing For Assisted And Senior Living Centers

The number of countries with an aging population is growing, with Japan leading the charge. About 28% of this Asian country’s population is over 65-years old while European countries like Italy and Finland are at around 23%. Meanwhile, 16% of Americans are now over the retirement age. So it’s no surprise that the assisted living industry has rapidly grown in recent years. 

What is assisted living? It’s essentially a care facility with a home-like feel to it. It provides older adults with medical or personal assistance while ensuring they remain independent. In the United States alone, the assisted living market size was around $83 billion in 2020 and will increase annually by 5% until 2027. 

Marketing this type of living facility today requires more than the conventional day tours, referrals, and advertisements. You’ll need to implement effective digital marketing tips for assisted and senior living centers if you want your business to remain relevant. 

Here are tips to keep your business ahead of the competition: 

Develop a User-Friendly Website

No business can survive without a website these days. Your demographic is quite challenging, though. Most prospective residents of senior care facilities are not tech-savvy, but their children or grandchildren are. That’s why you need a professional-looking but user-friendly website.

Your website will be the rock where you’ll anchor your whole digital marketing campaign. You must design it with your older audience in mind. Make sure to have a responsive website with large and clean fonts and wider buttons for links. 

Implement Effective SEO Strategies

People looking for senior care communities or assisted living facilities research online. They check for places near their location, have high standards of care, and have all the essential features. They will also use specific keywords geared to their requirements. 

It’s not just your website that should be search engine optimized. Ensure your listings on Google My Business and Google Maps receive the same treatment. Your company’s name, address, and contact details should be consistent in all channels. This will boost your rankings and site traffic. 

Take Advantage of Videos

People are visual creatures, so your digital marketing for senior living facilities should include videos. Use them to introduce your facility and the services you offer. You can utilize videos to give site visitors a quick tour of the building, share residents’ experiences, or educate them on issues impacting older adults. 

Invest in a professional videographer and photographer to guarantee high-quality media. It will lend more credibility to your assisted living facility or senior center. Post your videos on YouTube or embed them on your website or blog post. You can also upload them on video streaming sites.  

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Emails and newsletters are one of the most effective digital marketing tips for assisted and senior living centers. They’re also budget-friendly. You can ask people to sign up for it right on your website. Once you have these email addresses, you can start sending them newsletters promoting your business. 

Timing is key when it comes to email blasts and newsletters. You don’t want to overwhelm them by sending one every day, but you don’t want to wait a long time between releases either. Experts say sharing what’s new on a monthly or weekly basis is enough. 

Pattern your email newsletters to your blog posts to make them more engaging. You can include interesting facts about your facility, like its history and upcoming events or improvements. You should also touch on the industry and other relevant topics, like senior wellness trends or the cost of assisted living. 

Be Active on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can be a potent weapons. Businesses large and small now have official social media accounts. Some even hire people specifically to manage this marketing aspect. 

Once you post a new blog or video on your website, share it on social media and take advantage of these channels’ ability to engage millions. It’s an effective avenue for selling the fine points of your facility, highlighting events, and encouraging prospects to go to your website. 

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One Last Thing

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