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How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Retirement Community

The senior living market is a dynamic and lucrative industry. One can argue that the Baby Boomer generation is the driving force behind this. There are around 80 million boomers in the US today, and 8,000 or more of them hit the retirement age daily.

Their sheer numbers and strong financial presence mean when they talk, industries listen. This generation has some definite ideas on how they want to spend their retirement. They want independence and the comfort they’re used to.

Today’s seniors are also tech-savvy and are active on social media. They are on Facebook and Twitter. They are using Skype and Messenger. They also have adult children and grandchildren who are voracious social media users. So if you want your senior care community to reach this market, you have to do it via social media.

Here’s how social media marketing can grow your retirement community.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing uses different social media platforms to reach your audience. It’s an efficient and effective way to build your personal brand and boost sales.

This marketing strategy involves publishing interesting content on your social media profiles. It also entails listening to your audience and engaging them. You can also run advertisements on different social media platforms. Doing this on a regular basis is how to get traffic to your website fast.

There are other benefits to using social media marketing as well, like:

  • Attract customers and build their loyalty
  • Expand market reach
  • Develop a personal brand
  • Build customer networks to boost revenue
  • Conduct market research
  • Get ideas for improvement through customer feedback

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies That Benefits Your Senior Care Community

The backbone of any good social media campaign is a clean strategy. You need to decide on the message you want to say. You should also know who you want to reach and the outcome you envision. Here are some strategies you can try:

  • Get Good Feedback and Reviews

A positive review will go a long way in putting your brand in the minds of prospective clients. Ask your customers for feedback on your company and service. You can share what they have to say on your official website. Testimonials from real clients act as social proof. Think of it as a virtual word-of-mouth recommendation.

Facebook is a good vehicle for this. You can leverage the platform’s review system to highlight feedback from residents. You should also try to secure reviews from your staff and partners. A testimonial from someone with a real Facebook profile sends a strong message.

  • Have a Contest with Cool Prizes

A virtual contest is one of the more successful Facebook advertising ploys. You can offer a free weekend stay at your senior care community as the top prize. You’ll be able to fill your sales funnel with prospects. It’s a great way to capture the interest of people who are still wary of moving to a retirement facility.

There are so many ways to set up a contest on Facebook. You can ask users to “Like” and/ or “Share” your ads. Or they can vote on a poll and guess the outcome.

  • Work with an Influencer

An influencer can also drum up interest in your community. As the name implies, this is someone who can influence a lot of people on social media. They have followers who trust them about specific brands. They can also share your content with their followers.

Influencers have a presence on almost all social media platforms. Consider it a coup if you can get one to “mention” you on Twitter or Instagram. These people have a keen eye for content and are willing to help give brands a boost. You can reach out to them straight about your ideas.

  • Use Hashtags to Join Discussions

Twitter is also an effective marketing channel. But you need to use the right hashtag for your tweet to hit the mark. By adding a hashtag, you’ll be able to join conversations that span the world. You can give advice on aging in place or choosing a retirement community. Without one, only the people who follow you can see your tweet. Try adding tags like #SeniorCare or #SeniorLiving. You’ll be able to reach the people who are searching those terms.

  • Tell Your Story on YouTube

People love watching videos. Around 80% of consumers will remember a video they’ve seen in the last month. But only a small number will remember an ad that’s heavy on the text. Plus, older people love watching videos. 82% of Baby Boomers use YouTube to get information. It’s why your social media marketing plan should also use this channel.

Shoot a short video that tells your brand’s story. Aim for clips that last for one to two minutes. Shorter videos are easier to remember. People are also more inclined to share them. You can upload a virtual tour on your YouTube channel. Show interactions among residents or a slice of daily life in your community. Share your short and sweet videos on your other social media accounts.

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Welcome More People to Your Community

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